What Makes a Popular App: EightDevs's Studio Checklist
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What Makes a Popular App: EightDevs Analysis

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2021-02-08 14:53:00

On the off chance that you are as yet in the mobile app development measure or have just distributed your app, sooner or later, you begin considering connecting more users and break into the highest levels of app stores. 

Monitoring the components recorded underneath offers you a chance to limit your emphasis on your item development zones zones zones that impact your fame and achievement most. 

Before the mobile app dispatch 


  1. Revelation stage. Discover confirmation that the issue your app addresses is far and wide enough. Distinguish how users can tackle it without your app. Perhaps there, as of now, exists an adequate arrangement. 
  2. Exact mobile app design, development, and testing. Think how you anticipate that it should be seen by your users — modest/superior, engaging/sentimental, and so forth. Ensure your app is open and helpful to use on various gadgets and mobile stages. Try not to rush to distribute your item in the app store. Fix all the bugs first. 

Ideal to have

Add social connection includes by actualizing in-app visiting, remarking, surveys, user input, and so on. They are useful for you because: 

  1. Users can tackle their in-app issues and don't uninstall them.
  2. Such featuremake a local area feeling. 
  3. Assist users with advancing your app. Add a «share in social media» or «invite a friend» highlight so your first users can share the app with their companions, relatives, and associates. Rouse them by proposing rewards or limits for each new endorser. 
  4. App size estimated in megabytes. Remember this and attempt to fabricate the app as light as could really be expected while leaving all the interesting features. There are still many individuals with very restricted mobile telephone stockpiling. 
  5. Check income patterns across stores, classes, and nations. Pick those that are more advantageous for your LTV and income viewpoints. 

Checklist for App Markets 

As per Google Think Research, the second most famous strategy for discovering mobile apps is by perusing app stores, simultaneously, the highest level paid apps have multiple times more downloads than the number 200 in that equivalent positioning. So attempting to be among the heads of the app store is anything but a squandered exertion. 

These are factors you should focus on getting your app to the top items in-app store: 


  1. Constant updates and redesigns. Great quality and wonderful experience are the reasons why your users will be held and even welcome their companions. 
  2. Try not to postpone bug fixing, don't overlook ongoing design and development best practices and patterns. Moreover, overhaul your app by adding new features as well as amending the cost also. 
  3. Streamline your app for the app store. Utilize appealing symbols. Screen captures, short (around 30 seconds in length) recordings, watchwords in the portrayal. These things will assist users with discovering your in-app store and see how stunning your item is. 
  4. Offer a free form of your app. Free apps get by up to multiple times more regularly than paid apps. On the off chance that a user finds your app just via looking through the app store, without companions' suggestion, they might want to attempt it first, not compensation immediately. 
  5. Various dialects are upheld by the app. Whether you offer nearby help, suppose taxi, conveyance, or eatery app, consider your country or city variety and travelers. 
  6. Be in contact with your users. Rapidly and effectively answer users' requests, surveys, and rates. Higher user input on apps is emphatically connected with deal execution. 

Ideal to have 

Сhoose classifications with lower prevalence. So you will have fewer contenders among billions of mobile apps. If you make an app for a mainstream classification, at that point, you have extra deterrents to arriving at the highest level. 

Construct the most straightforward approach to attempt your app utilizing Android Instant Apps. Basically, it is a chance to utilize your app without downloading it through a web search. For instance, users can be prepared to pay for in-app includes yet need more free stockpiling on their telephones. Or on the other hand, they need to utilize it seldom. Or then again to attempt it without downloading first. With this component, you will arrive at more users. 

The drawbacks of such apps: users are less occupied with the dynamic utilization of your app; they are not intrigued by new updates. 

Advance your app: 

  • make online media accounts; 
  • boost user-created content. Since quite possibly the most boundless ways users find new apps and consent to pay for them is companions or relative proposal; 
  • pitch tech online journals; 
  • offer free assistance. It doesn't mean giving your exceptional mobile app benefits free of charge or parting with your items. You may, for example, offer exhortation dependent on your app specialization.

Remember about app store rules and follow them to be distributed. 

Making your mobile app famous is certainly not a limited undertaking. You should overhaul it, add new features, advance it consistently.

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