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Website / Web Application Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-01 16:08:00

A website (web application) is a basic business need in the twenty-first century. Companies do not have to ask if a site is needed. There is only the question of how will it look like. A site is a brand image element, a place of contact with customers, a sales tool and many more. Therefore, it is really important to choose a professional website development company.

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Website Engineering: Basic Requirements

  1. Load speed. The site should be optimized, load well with a slow network connection and on an old PC.
  2. Adaptability. The site must look good on a broad range of screen resolutions.
  3. UI / UX design — the site should be user-friendly, it is the only way the user will not bounce and will use the site as intended. At the same time, the site must fulfill the main functions — whether it be direct sales, collection of contacts or providing feedback.
  4. SEO standards. For a site to be visible, it must be noticeable to search engines. The invisible part of the site should contain a set of data that will help search engines to find it. 

These are just a few key points. There are dozens of site requirements to understand. We are a web development studio that spends countless hours producing sites. Contact EightDevs, and we will do our best to make sure we materialize your desires.

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Web Development Services Costs

Factors That Influence The Price

  1. The cost of website development is affected by the number of unique pages that are required. For example, a one-pager costs less than a full-fledged site with several sections. The more pages, the more hours the team will spend on their design and development.
  2. Type of site. Developing an online store often costs more than creating a simple company site.
  3. Site localization, for example, website development for the USA is more sophisticated because of additional localization techniques.  
  4. Made from scratch or executed on the basis of the content management system.
  5. Web design by the studio or template-made website.
  6. Content hunger. If the customer provides the content, the cost of the project will be lowered.

You can calculate your website cost by requesting a quote from the EightDevs web development Agency. Our managers will help determine the needs and prepare an estimate of the project.

Web Development Agency EightDevs

Web Application Development Services

EightDevs Studio Has:

  1. Preparatory stage. This includes meetings with customers, discussion of the project, preparation, and approval of technical specifications. This will enable us to understand how much time will be needed for web development. Thereafter, comes the preparatory stage within the project — research, creating a prototype site layout and design.
  2. The stage of approval and implementation. The customer must approve the layout and design before we move on to development.
  3. Development, content filling, and testing.
  4. Delivery of the project to the customer.

EightDevs provides website support for 2 months after the completion of the project. Surely we are also available to provide support as a service for as long as you need.

Creation an promotion Web Studio EightDevs

Full-cycle Websites Development / Web Applications


  • Misunderstanding of the purpose of the project. The studio must understand why the client needs the website, what is the final goal — sales, online representation or receiving hot leads. Sometimes the client does not fully understand the need so website development agency needs to figure out the purpose together with the client;
  • SEO errors. The site must have SEO-functionality built-in. Often companies ignore SEO because it takes time to see the results, however almost every time they regret it when the time passes;
  • Over-complicated interface. A well-thought-out user journey is often a decisive factor for the user to become your client. The sophisticated interface results in a waste of marketing budgets. 

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Creation and Promotion of Websites | EightDevs

At EightDevs studio, we understand how a good website of any topic and sphere should look like. This is the result of the experience and professionalism of the team.

  1. Our digital studio has been on the market since 2015. During this time, we managed to complete more than 24 projects, including not limited to website, but also LMS systems, web and mobile applications, sophisticated security solutions and many more.
  2. Well-coordinated work and inhouse-team. We value the harmony of our teams. Developers and designers have been working together for a long time, so they understand each other perfectly. This reduces the probability of errors.
  3. Expertise in web security. Our specialty is network security. We produce fast and convenient websites that protect user and company data.

You can order a website or web application by requesting a quote. Tell us about your project, and we will figure out how to implement it and fit it in your website development budget.