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Website Design (for company, store or brand)

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-04 15:50:00

Web design (WD) is a visual solution for a page, site, portal, online store, LMS or CRM systems. WD consists of a set of solutions for the user interface and its graphical implementation. A good design always has an idea and a thoughtful user journey. The correct implementation of the idea is checked by indicators — the time of the user on the site or service, the depth of page views, the number, and the quality of goals achieved. These include completed feedback forms, contacts, purchases, email lists, etc. — goals are determined at the stage of the website layout.

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Website Design Services: Benefits For Business

  • The carefully thought-through interface allows you to sell more. It may seem to an inexperienced person that WD is only about colors, style, and fonts. But professional design leads to sales that are achieved thanks to the user journey on the site. Colors and fonts are just the tools that help the business to achieve the final goal — sale or action. Hence, it is important to choose an agency that understands the backdoor magic of the process.
  • The unconventional interface of the website helps to stand out from the competition. It is not required for all business spheres, but companies that position themselves as on creative and original need a website that will be remembered.

Website design services

Web Design Pricing

Cost and Factors That Influence It

  1. Template or custom. If from scratch visual solution is not required, the pricing will be lowered.
  2. The number of typical site pages. The standard site consists of the Main, Blog, Services, Portfolio (list of products for web stores) and Contacts. The creation of a unique 404-page (error page) is also popular. If an additional section is required — this grants additional work to the designer, hence the design and website development cost will be higher.
  3. Type of website. A simple corporate site will cost less than an online store site. The more manipulations a user must perform on a site, the higher will be the cost. Since the logic of using a resource is more complicated, a web design studio will spend much more time developing a logic interface.

Web design pricing

Website Design Development: Stages

  1. Research. We examine competitors' websites and study the target audience, their requests, requirements, desires, and behavior patterns.
  2. Website prototype creation — a layout scheme that shows the structure, semantic blocks, the logic of transitions, interactions and goals.
  3. The choice and approval of the style of the site, color scheme, fonts, and overall UI/UX agency deliverables.
  4. Implementation. Creation of an adaptive layout that looks as intended on different screen resolutions, devices, and operating systems.

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Requirements for a Web Design Agency

  1. User retention. The visitor should not leave the site, the company or an online store statistically only has 3 seconds to attract attention and convince the user to spend time on the website. During this time, a person concludes whether to stay or leave.
  2. Carefully thought through navigation that helps with user engagement. The more time a person spends on the site, the higher the likelihood of a purchase and retention.
  3. Convenience. The site should remain a pleasant place that leaves positive emotions in the mind of the user.

Website design development stages

Design Services | EightDevs Design Agency

  1. Expertise in the field of WD and usability. We know how to make a website where users want to spend their time. EightDevs team expertise is built on five years of design development experience.
  2. Understanding users and their needs. Our solutions are always based on the research of the targeted audience, and every choice, whether it is the color of the button or the location of the order page, is based on analytics.
  3. Integrated solutions. We provide a full cycle of digital services and can bring the project to life, help with SEO promotion, do a security audit and provide technical support for the website as a service.

You can order website design by requesting a quote. Tell us about your desires and we will materialize it. We offer an unprecedented price-quality ratio compared to any web design agency in the USA. The creation of a selling website is easier than you think.