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How to Conduct a UX Audit: Services Guide

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-03-20 18:22:00

Checking to see where you have deficits pays off. With a UX audit, you will learn why your conversions are low, how you can improve onboarding, why retention can be low, and what other problems you are currently experiencing. With an audit, you will be able to find ways to improve and you will have a better understanding of the people who use your product. Knowing who is using the product and what they are using it for will be what you say and do.

Who Should Perform UX Audit Service

Most people can definitely benefit from a UX exam. We want to identify those who benefit most from the completion of the UX assessment. In general, we find that people with a high level of experience in UX design benefit the most.

Even if you don't necessarily have a dedicated UX team, it's important to keep an eye on your users. We find that companies that already have products that they want to grow to benefit the most from a UX audit because it helps them identify the friction points that users are currently experiencing, addressing the problem head-on - and removing the barriers that lead to that goal.

We have also seen that this is particularly true for startups and investors, as the pressure grows. We also see this with new products that are ready for market launch and want to ensure that the MVP process runs seamlessly and focuses on the user.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of A UX Audit Service

Before we begin the actual audit process, we first discuss what you should and should not do when you perform an audit of your user experience.

  1. Do not assume that you know what your users think.
  2. Try to give your users instructions and motivations.
  3. Perform usability tests by recording their screens. This will help you to see what their actual experiences are actually like.
  4. Understand your customer's personas and try to embody them in your audit.
  5. If you are constantly creating new accounts, it will also be easy to get screenshots from there, so stay tuned! If possible, take screenshots of the user's screen.
  6. Do not be prejudiced, do not run usability tests. It is practically impossible to have a raw experience if you are not so familiar with the product.
  7. When you perform an audit, you act like the ideal super user who goes straight to the target.
  8. Also, be sure to record your own screen. Click through a little, immerse yourself in the experience. You also have to be sure that you are recording yourself on your own screens.
  9. It is easy to get carried away and invest too much time and not plan enough time. Stick to a schedule and run contextual tests. Context tests help you experience and accelerate the connection firsthand by mimicking the user experience.
  10. Perform a Content Audit: Content audit can help uncover discrepancies and duplications.

Before You order UX Audit Service

Make sure you have everything you need to perform a UX audit. Normally I make sure I have the following.

Understanding of Current and Target Audiences

What is the overall picture of the experience that fits? What are the current usage objectives that will be abbreviated? Is there any measure that is intended? If you are unsure about one of these questions, you may want to do more research to have a clear idea of who your users are and what goals you want to achieve. If you consider your current users as your actual target group, then you want the help of a clearly defined target - a target group. You should also have a clear idea of who your current users are and what users you want to be. Besides, you should also have expected more users to come who might not be on your list.

Clearly Defined Goals

As with any project, you need to make sure you have a basic goal. If you don't know your final destination, how do you know where you stand with your current target group? You can't know what you want until you're successful. You need to have an audit done. What other important goals do you have? Do you want to check yourself, or is it something else that is important for your business?

Who should be involved?

Most UX audits should involve strategists, designers, and developers. Great stuff happens when you get multiple departments in the same room. One of the best tactics to make sure everyone is heard is to conduct an internal anonymous survey to uncover known pain points. They also want to ensure that decision-makers are involved. Go them through the process, let them see the friction points on all levels and confirm your ideas.

Resources Availability and Timeline

Make sure you know who is going to perform the exam. Make sure they know about it and what they are looking for and why. Know how much time is needed. You want to avoid bottlenecks due to availability or lack of planning. Make sure you set expectations before you start the process. Once you know who needs to be involved, you need to be sure that everyone understands your expectations and has the time to get involved. Make sure you have a well-constructed schedule to keep everything on track. It is also helpful to set milestones for specific data and individual timelines that contain tasks.

UX Audit Services Budgets

This is especially important if you are looking for a third party to perform an audit. Have you set aside a budget? The expected cost of this type of project depends on how deep you want to go. If your issue is a short design checklist that you can check off as you go, you can get a two-day audit from a freelancer for about $1,500. A professional UX consultant who will give you a checklist with even deeper insights will earn you about $7,000, and a full UX audit by a professional designer will take about a week. However, if you want something that is tailored and aligned to your goals, you should pay between $9,000 and $10,000 for a product that is full of extremely actionable insights that point to problems that should be addressed and prioritized based on those goals.

This usually takes two weeks to a month. A full UX audit by a professional designer or UX consultant usually takes about a week and a half.

When Conducting The UX Audit

Here, too, it is important to record every screen. Try to get opinions from outside. It can be difficult to get an objective experience of your website while designing it. Make sure you get a good idea of what your users would do on your site before leading them to certain behaviors. Imagine where your users come from, what they want and expect from your company. Some users seem to convert, but you also need to keep the full experience in mind.

UX Audit Services: Tools

The goal is to consider the entire user journey to track web and mobile behavior. Kissmetrics and Quicktime help track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing performance. They also make it easy to take screenshots of each step and continuously create an account. You can also use it to record the user experience that is going on to get a better understanding of the experience that you have in real-time.

When Do You Know You’re “Done”

The best advice is to set a deadline. Otherwise, you may end up taking too long to make a real difference and forgetting to go down the rabbit hole. If the user experience is a moving goal, these types of audits will never be complete. You will not know when you have completed the exam.

Is It Better For Internal Folks To Do A Ux Audit, Or Use A Third Party?

UX audits are extremely time-consuming and many companies simply lack bandwidth. If you need speed, it is best to hire a third party. Furthermore, third parties are more objective and not emotionally invested. You will really be able to look at your product with new eyes. This is also positive for what we do internally.

Finally, remember that if you have never done a UX audit, there will be a learning curve, as it will take longer and require a lot of learning. It usually costs less and gives you some blind spots to get a good insight into your own brand and product.

So How To Conduct A Ux Audit?

If you want the value of a UX audit, but don't have the time or expertise, EightDevs can help. We can complete a full UX assessment in three weeks and provide you with viable roadmap insights to address your biggest challenges. If you decide to try it out by yourself, we have this guide.