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Travel Application Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-11 15:51:00

Travel App Development Services: Advantages

Travel applications (TA) belong to the market sector showing an upward trend. The number of smartphone users rises every year, so does the number of travelers and the industry in general. Last time you could witness a decrease in this dynamic was 2008. The year 2017 has brought a 7% rise, as the number of travelers reached 1,326 million.

A smartphone is a must-have device for any urban dweller aged 25–45 (the key target audience for almost any industry). The gadget becomes invaluable during travel: web-search, booking services, navigation, translation, advice — travelers expect to find all this in their smartphones.

Crucially tourists appreciate mobile applications the most when they need information in offline mode. That’s the main reason that keeps the user’s demand at all times high and stable.

The data above prove that the creation of a travel guide application is an idea worth its money.

Develop Mobile Travel App: categories

Online Booking 

Online Help 

Car Rent Planning

Car rent
Bike rent
e-transport rent

Airport guides 


(step by step)

Trains Flights spotting  Insurance Budgeting
Cruises Public transportation guides
 Country and region guides
Bus tours
Any other booking
Tourism companies
Last-minute deals Travel-guides 
Tour operators  
Hotel chains, motels, hostels 
Table 1

Create an App for the Hotel and Travel Business

As the table shows there is plenty of options. Most importantly TA can be developed as by start-up companies and people not directly affiliated with the travel industry, as by market insiders. The choice for the latter — designing TA fostering customer loyalty and streaming sales in the future. 

TA development is a handy way for agencies and hotels to attract long-term clients, that will stick to the company thanks to the comfort and permanent connection.

Developing Search Application: Tourism

Search applications are something else. In the context of travel, they help users find tickets, accommodation, restaurants and cafes, transport and entertainment in close vicinity.

How To Build a Travel App: Main Features

  • Instant payment;
  • Push-notifications;
  • Geolocation;
  • Search integration with state of art search filters;
  • User account;
  • Reviews and recommendations.

Useful Additional Features:

  • User-made itineraries (accessible offline);
  • Social media integration.

Travel app structure: main features

Developing a Travel Application

Business Advantages

  1. Data aggregation and targeting. Apps allow researching customers and develop segmentation to offer them more relevant content in the future and boost sales.
  2. Comfortable connection with loyal clients. People who downloaded the app constitute a base of loyal customers, who are interested in the service.
  3. Gratuitous means of client communication. A TA allows sending information about tours, itineraries, events, and sales instantly and free of charge.

TA can be developed with the increase of client loyalty in mind. That choice demands a different approach to functionality. In any case, the travel app must ease client pains and be useful.

The app filled with marketing features to the brim but devoid of any useful content is designed for failure.

Travel Application Development: Cost

Tourism app development price depends on the time-frame. Choosing time-frame we must keep in mind the following:

  • type;
  • functionality;
  • goals;
  • the number of integrations;
  • client vision of design (neat and simple, custom-made with illustrations or additional graphic decisions);
  • several mobile platforms that software must operate on.

For example, an app might need AR or VR functions to demonstrate the hotel rooms.

The introduction of this technology increases the price of an app.

If you can’t afford travel app development, a viable decision is to concentrate efforts on the mobile version of the website. SEO-manager and EightDevs can asses the page and introduce several recommendations for its improvement or redesign.

EightDevs can develop a travel-guide app. Tell us about your problem, and we will find a way to solve it.

Order travel app development to the digital agency

Travel App Development Company for iOS and Android

  1. Research stage. We read the brief, explore the client's ideas, delve into the app goals, and define the first understanding of the app functions and visual design.
  2. We lead user preferences UX research, analyze similar solutions.
    UX Prototyping
  3. Prototype approval, designing a functioning brief
  4. Sketching, design, and approval.
  5. Front-end.
    The duration of the stage depends on the importance of developing a back-end.
  6. Testing application in different OS versions and different devices. Testing the Android version takes more time than testing iOS. 
  7. Release in the App Store and Play Market. Meeting with a client, preparing documentation. 
  8. Two months of technical support. We will help you with your app for two months by default. Our service package also includes an option of constant tech support from our specialists.
  9. Promotion EightDevs is a complete circle agency. We don’t want to develop solutions that no one will hear about, therefore we offer the promotion services. Apart from the standard ASO we also work with social media, opinion leaders and reviews. 

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Travel Application Development: Cost

Travel application development services

Booking Applications, Search Aggregators: Additional Features

  • Offline mode. TA are used in situations when the connection is low or non-existent, so maps, itineraries, reviews and lists of landmarks must be cashed and accessible offline. 
  • Search services integration.
  • Social platforms integration option with bonuses to the users who post about the company, use check-in function, etc.

Order travel app at the digital agency EightDevs.

Travel App Development Company | EightDevs

We have:

  1. Professional developers with mastery of 20+ machine languages. 
  2. UI ΠΈ UX expertise based on 4-year experience and more than 60 completed projects. 
  3. Understanding of user needs.
  4. A custom approach to client communication. Our clients value us, and we can prove this: more than 80% of our new clients came to us through personal references.

Mobile application development for hotels and travel agencies it a way to increase revenue in business. Your clients are mobile phone users, and you must meet them halfway by becoming mobile yourself. EightDevs will develop software that will connect you with your clients.

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