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Social Network Applications Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-09-24 17:13:00

Writing Social Networking Applications: User Statistics

Smartphones have infiltrated our lives everywhere. The average smartphone user checks his phone 46 times a day, 80 percent of users spend an hour before bedtime in a smartphone. Social apps take an average of 76 minutes a day.

The number of Internet users in 2019 totals 4.388 billion, which is 9.1 percent more than in 2018. The number of users of social networks in 2013 amounted to 3 billion 484 million, which is 9 percent more than in 2018.

If we attract the growing amount of time that users spend on a smartphone, it becomes clear that social interactions are increasingly tied to online communication in networks and instant messengers.

Particularly engaging are niche social networks — professional, targeted at a narrow age group, etc.

Fun fact: dating apps. This niche is still not fully saturated and is open to new ideas and their successful implementation, so here is a good area to create a social media platform.

Social network application development

Ways to monetize social media applications:

Network development and its monetization strategy depend on the application category, traffic geography, user flow, etc. There may be several models.

  1. Freemium is a free app to install, with paid features.
  2. Gifts — content that users buy in the application, which is not an additional feature, but simply adds fun, such as stickers in Viber.
  3. Advertising within the application is an option with which you need to be careful, it should not interfere with the content and distract the user too much.
  4. DATA monetization — reselling the information to companies that collect data.
  5. Offline services. Events that are organized on the basis of the community application.

Social network UX design

Social Media App Development Cost

The price of the application development always depends on the length of the development. The cost consists of the number of functionality screes and the degree of complexity of their implementation. The scope of work affects the combination of specialists dedicated to the project if a larger team is required, the cost of developing a social application increases. It's not a trivial task on how to calculate a social network app development budget. We often get asked how much does it cost to make a social app. On top of desired complexity, often we receive firm deadlines which also increase the cost of development of a mobile application, as the process is accelerated by attracting additional specialists to the project.

If you need to develop a social network from scratch, which is not limited to the application but extends to web apps, the price of the application will increase.

How to calculate a social network app development budget

Creation of Social Network App from Scratch

  1. Introductory stage. We study the requirements and "interrogate" the client, to fully understand what he wants to get on the way out. By the end of this stage, we have a full understanding of what we need to produce in terms of UX/UI and appearance. 
  2. UX research of competitive and similar apps
    UX prototyping
  3. Approval of the prototype and the creation of functional Technical Specification Document
  4. Design of the application, its demonstration to the client and approval.
  5. We create a social Android app
    We create a social iOS app
  6. Development of the client-side of the social application.
  7. Implementation of the server-side of the social network application
  8. Testing phase a social network application: we look at the necessary platforms and test on the required versions of operating systems.
  9. The release of the social application on the online platforms: App Store and Play Market. Preparation and transfer of documentation to the client.
  10. 2 months of technical support for the social application. If you do not employ programmers, we provide the services of a remote specialist who can administer your application constantly. If the customer has his own IT team, we will be in touch for the first two months when we will improve the product to its desired state.
  11. Promotion of social networks in the App Store and Play Market. The application does not make sense without an audience. The EightDevs team knows how to get everyone talking about the project.

Develop a social media app for Android and iOS

Build a Social Network Application: Categories

  • for communication — personal, like Facebook, professional — such as Linkedin;
  • by interests — from sewing to e-sports, from writing fan fiction to budget travel;
  • for dating — the main niches are occupied by Tinder and OkCupid, but there are free niches for applications targeted to LGBTQA+ audience.

Today, it’s most likely to be impossible to create a successful network like Facebook or Twitter. But succeeding in a niche is still considered to be viable. Tell us about your ideas for a network, and we will create it together.

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Create an Interactive Social Application | EightDevs

1. The strength of EightDevs is data security. We wide expertise in security projects, so the team has extensive experience in the security of user information storage. When developing applications in the 21st century, this is an important part of the skills that not all studios possess.

2. Expertise in UI / UX design. Our design team has been in business since 2015, all this time we have been studying user behavior and creating competent, selling interfaces that are user-friendly and pain releasing for users.

3. The in-house team of developers, designers, and marketers, who understand each other perfectly. Thanks to this, there are no delays or uncoordinated actions during projects.

You can create a social app and networks with EightDevs. Get a quote now and tell us about your project. We will materialize your desires.