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Parenting Care App Development: Tips and Process

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-12-11 18:04:11

As soon as we hear the message from someone who will become a parent, we only remember how much the parent thought about how unique it was to hold a child for the first time or how wonderful he felt as a child first "mom" or "dad." However, we can barely see how awful this experience seems. Being a new parent can be amazing, but on the other hand, one of the biggest and most difficult jobs in the world is getting a parent who anyone will ever accept. And then it is one of the few professions in which there is only a small education.

New parents don't feel a little lost when their child comes home, and they often ask, "What on earth are we?" Awful feeling!

Parenting App Development: the Solution to Nervousness?

Well, the digital world is for you and I think there is an answer to every question and solution to every problem. All you have to do is use Google. Of course, when you view information on Google, you'll be overwhelmed with countless tips, and everyone will have new tips every second. But parenting is not a special experience in which every child is different, as well as their needs. The truth is that no child is the same and each one requires personal attention and care and must be treated in a particular way.

So where can you think even more? Is there anything that allows you to care for your child in a certain way? Is there a suitable companion to help parents travel? Well, the answer. This great help has the form of mobile applications for parents. Yes, you do.

Build an App for Parents: Find Relief?

Well, parenting apps are a new tool for changing games, and most mothers are used to it. Just as they rely heavily on these applications to care for their children's nutrition, height control, parenting tips, healthcare, medical advice, education, personalized suggestions and much more.

This type of application focuses on early childhood development and childcare. Such platforms have been designed especially for parents at a young age who are concerned about the overall growth, development, and safety of their child, and because of the limited time, they need adequate and personalized information about child care and quick help from the moment the child is born The child reaches a certain age.

When navigating the ups and downs of the new world, these applications convey knowledge, skills, and confidence that they will become confident parents

Medical Industry is Interested in New-age Trend

It is a time when most companies providing IT services in the healthcare industry realized their potential. They make every effort to create their own successful application. Finally, they want to take advantage of this trend, which lasts forever (for all good reasons, of course, until the world falls!). We pray that this will not happen for a long time, whatever happens to our multi-million plans that we do every day.

When the topic of creating parent applications appears, there are some key aspects to consider and highlight. Because the user is heavily dependent on these applications for the day-to-day care and development of their child, the manufacturers of these applications attach great importance to their arms to meet the endless needs and needs of application users.

There are many important problems to solve, and the application must focus on the practical and personal aspects of parenting. They must offer evidence-based, proven educational advice that people can rely on.

Parenting App Development: Understand your Audience

Before you begin the process of creating an application for parents and children, you must first know your audience and who to ultimately focus on. Here, in the target group, we are, of course, mothers, but definitely not only mothers, because we also have fathers who love lovingly to their children, maybe grandmother or grandfather. The focus is, however, one thing, and it is this sweet donut that everyone cares about.

App Development for Parents:  Process

The development of the mobile application is always based on a great idea, and the implementation of this idea depends on the development team. It is necessary to develop the best application, but you must be well prepared before starting the process.

Because the application is now focused on children, work becomes extremely difficult because their emotions, attitudes, behaviors, and expectations vary depending on age and gender. It is therefore important to collect enough data on children and areas that should be covered depending on the age of the child.

Types of Mobile Applications for Parents:

  1. Get a children's schedule report.
  2. Medical care/nursing care (list and fee for nursing application).
  3. Prevent your child's addiction to technology.

Main features of the parental care application:

  • Participation.
  • Daily reports.
  • Learn the stories.
  • Programming.
  • parent involvement.
  • Intelligent invoicing.
  • Receive photos, videos, notes by email.
  • Download or share your children's photos and videos.
  • Get emergency notifications via SMS.
  • See your children's portfolio thanks to our mobile application.
  • Mark your child as sick or on vacation thanks to our mobile application.
  • Protect children on the Internet (filter porn using our secure browser, rotate).
  • Block unsafe applications (prevent your child from talking to strangers).
  • Download reports (daily reports provide knowledge: who, what, where and how).

The Most Important Features of Parents App

  • Log In mechanism.
  • Photos & Videos.
  • Daily reports & Child schedules checking. 
  • Real-time photo sharing  Parents can receive timely updates throughout the day.
  • Photographic and video observations — Mark real-time observations on classroom images.
  • Learning stories and wallets — A child's wallet is created automatically and maintained using observation tags.
  • Development assessments — Follow your child's development in various development areas, skills, and indicators.
  • Photographic and video observations — Mark real-time observations on classroom images.
  • Then block dangerous social applications such as Kik, Snapchat, Yik Yak, Tinder, Whisper.
  • Framework Orientation and Syllabus.

Parenting App Solutions: Pro Features

  • Control what content child consumes: Customize your child's digital experience with our device's daily screen time, scheduled time and always allowed functions so that you can watch addictive games and games. Streaming video is limited and encouraged to learning content.
  • Protect your child online: Filter inappropriate content. Automatically install SPIN, our free secure web browser, and block all other web browsers. In addition, all Google searches are secure, including photos.
  • Check all calls made and received, including blocked calls, in our web panel.
  • Daily reports and worksheets: Full meals, snacks, sleep tests, toilet visits, classes and observations, medications and mood for individual children or several children at the same time

Team structure required

Much work has been put into developing childcare applications because countless aspects of childcare, nutrition, education, safety and more need to be considered. That is why it is so important to have the tips of the appropriate mobile application development team that is at the forefront of creating healthcare applications. Once you get the pool of experienced managers, designers, programmers, and testers of mobile applications, you can immediately start, because this is the first milestone in creating a brilliant and effective application to care for parents. Here is the team such project needs:

  1. Project manager: He should be equipped with management skills and common sense because these features are necessary to identify the best mobile applications in the industry. The project manager should be able to find the most productive solutions that are necessary to achieve business goals and knowledge.
  2. Developers: Android application developers, iOS application developers, backend application developers
  3. Designer: experienced UX / UI designers, graphic designers
  4. Tester: a team of competent and qualified Quality Control experts who provide users with a smooth and comprehensive experience.

Cost of Developing a Mobile App for Parental care:

Determining the cost of developing an application for parental care depends on the size and complexity of the application. Otherwise, the physical location of programmers and the number of hours needed to build the application play a key role in deciding the cost of creating mobile applications. Based on various zones, we showed the costs of developing a mobile application for parents.

  • American programmer: from 100 to 250 USD per hour.
  • Developers from Eastern Europe: - from 80 to 180 USD per hour.
  • Developer based in India: from 70 to 180 USD per hour.

After developing the segments, the actual costs of developing the Parenting Care mobile app are now displayed graphically.

  • Technical documentation (40 hours — from 1000 to 2000 USD)
  • UI / UX project (60 hours — from 1500 to 3000 USD)
  • Front-end and back-end programming (400 hours — from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000)
  • Testing (80 hours — from 2000 to 4000 USD)

When calculating the above general costs, you can specify the average cost of a parent mobile application. A reasonable application with limited functions can cost from 8,000 to 25,000 USD for a single platform and costs up to 35,000 USD if the developed application has many functions and high-quality standards.

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