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Mood Tracking App Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2021-01-11 16:37:00

Mental health is a hot topic for zoomers and millennials. We are struggling with mental health issues. To manage the stress level and to fight with staying productive we are looking for any help. That’s why self-help and self-care markets are booming. And mood tracking applications are an important part of the picture.

Applications that help users with mood analysis and control are actually like a best friend + therapist + dairy. So the mood tracking app market is growing and with it the interest of the investors is growing too.

But how to create an application that will help users who are struggling with mental health issues? 

Reasons Behind the Market Growth of Mood Tracking Applications

1. Сontrol

When our disposition isn't right, it's hard to concentrate on any undertaking. We can't examine anything properly and precisely, which step by step influences our day by day productivity and achievements.

For this situation, a mood tracking application offers the benefit of building up a drawn out record of our mind-set and effectively recognizing dangerous patterns and worrisome triggers. This further assists in taking superior control of our feelings.

2. Helpless Healthcare Options

The absence of legitimate medical services one of the factors behind the developing number of individuals getting a charge out of the advantages of versatile mood applications.

In different cases, medical care specialists are horrendously overburdened. They give more consideration to more prominent mental illnesses, totally disregarding the lighter cases that can later transform into depression and other mental problems and disorders.

In such circumstances, mood tracking apps overcome any barrier between medical care experts and patients by giving users an approach to follow and break down their temperament vacillations. Which later causes the expert to offer them the correct direction and treatment to savor better emotional well-being.

3. Mental Awareness

With time, individuals are getting concerned about their emotional wellness. They are rehearsing reflection and putting their time and endeavors into each movement that gives them true serenity. Something that is conceivable just when their body emits the positive and sound feelings for a delayed time. 

This is the chief motivation behind why users assess their states of mind consistently and approach the clinical specialists, in the event when they sense negative feelings prevail the good ones all the more regularly.

4. Reformist Lifestyle 

To wrap things up, these applications keep a drawn-out record of users' dispositions. This facilitates the way toward recognizing triggers and patterns, and arranging around rolling out the positive improvements in the way of life. Likewise, mood apps assist you with deciding if you are making the correct strides for dealing with your state of mind or not. What's more, thus, monitor the advancement to guarantee a reformist and sound way of life.

Because of these advantages, the mood tracking app market is thriving altogether. It is, indeed, demonstrated to drive a greater portion of the wellness application market size. The one that is foreseen to worth USD 1,299.84 Bn between 2020-2024.

Essential Features of Mood Tracking App: What to Consider 

1. Diary

Users need the place to write some thoughts, feelings and insecurities, memories, dreams, and goals. You can ask a set of daily questions and give users an opportunity to change them and create a personalized set that will appear at the end of every day.

2. Charts and Graphs

Charts are great for getting a full picture and useful for deep mood analysis and pattern search. So including them raises engagement шт application and making the whole process more fun. 

3.  Mental Health Diagnosis and Related Info

This component lets users and clinical experts screen wellbeing indications of the mental health statу and get point by point data of their advancement in the field of disorders and mental illness.

4.  Social Media integration

Allow users to share their data on social media — on personal pages and by sending DMs to their doctors or whoever they need to. 

5.  Goals

Setting goals is additionally an absolute necessity to have highlighted to center upon while putting resources into mood tracker app development. 

This component allows users to set a day by day, week by week, or yearly objective and urges them to make various strides towards accomplishing them. What's more, along these lines, improve their emotional well-being and wellbeing. 

6. Measurements and Calendar 

Another application highlight to keep into thought with regards to deciding how to make a mood tracking app is that of measurements and schedules. 

This element offers clients a chance to monitor their temperaments throughout a more extended timeframe and get a gauge of emotional episodes whenever and anyplace. 

7. Network Support 

When discussing how to build up a mood tracking application, the component of network uphold is likewise an absolute necessity. 

This element allows users to interface with others across the globe and fabricate a network that is fighting similar mental issues. Or then again, have solid information on the most proficient method to manage those issues. These individuals can uphold them in improving their psychological wellness by helping with getting some new great propensities, or by just being there for them to share high points and low points and distinguish their passionate cycle.

What Factors Affect the Cost of the Mood Tracking App Development

  1. Size and location of the hired software development company, etc.
  2. The platform you plan to target upon.
  3. Number and types of features you want to add.
  4. Tech stack you opt.

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Business revenue and monetization strategies for mood tracking app development

1. In-app Advertising — your easiest option. You display a third-party advertisement within your mood app interface. Based on users' views, clicks, and conversions, you get an amount of money from third-party partners. 

2.  Sponsorship and Partnerships. Another approach to bring in cash from your Android and iOS state of mind following application is to get into association and sponsorships with presumed medical services and health associations. These associations will get to client information progressively from your foundation and other related experiences and give you a heavy sum consequently 

You can’t disclose personal information to anyone without the user’s consent.

3. In-application Purchases. In-application buys are probably the most ideal approaches to make a few benefits from putting resources into the mind-set following application advancement. This strategy for application adaptation, accessible both on Android and iOS, allows entrepreneurs to bring in cash as a trade-off for the utilization of temperament following applications' remarkable highlights like purchasing extra highlights (counting purchasing new mood categories), getting separated reports of their yearly record, and significantly more.

If you have an idea for mood tracking app development, contact EightDevs, and let’s create a helpful app that will change somebody’s life!