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Mobile Recruiting App Development Trends 2020

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-01-17 16:02:09

There is a popular meme on the internet that says there are more people with a mobile device in the world than people with a toothbrush! According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of American adults use a smartphone, and 90% of American adults have a mobile phone. Thanks to the successful introduction of smartphone use in all population groups Worldwide, recruiters have the extraordinary underdeveloped opportunity to reach this large target group of qualified employees.

A large number of recruitment managers and professional recruiters are taking advantage of the new trend in mobile recruitment and are looking for new ways to use the power of mobile devices in the recruitment process.

Social media and mobile technology will change the recruitment process in 2019 and later. Recruiters who are able to adapt to this change can take full advantage of it and attract talented candidates. Recruitment software companies that offer mobile recruitment solutions may also be companies that want to get more attention from recruiters.

In this infographic, we've mentioned the emerging trend of mobile recruitment, its impact on recruitment technology, and what you need to do as a recruiter or recruitment manager to take advantage of high-quality mobile recruitment.

What is Mobile Recruitment and How it Works?

Mobile recruitment is a technique of finding competent candidates using mobile descriptions, mobile career site, and a special mobile recruitment program. With the help of mobile recruitment, recruitment managers can carry out recruitment activities on the go. Recruiters can use mobile devices for internal feedback, interviewing candidates, and planning interviews.

5 Digital Start-ups that Reinventing Recruitment

Recruitment applications enable recruiters to find the most suitable candidate for their company without the need for recruitment or third parties. These job search tools enable job seekers to search for jobs on the go. Indeed, according to a recent study by von, over 77% of people use mobile job search applications, and only 10% of companies offer mobile applications. This is a gap that needs to be narrowed, which means that there is a huge opportunity in this area.

Many new start-ups and well-established organizations are targeting these new areas created in the recruitment market. Some recruitment applications are mainly directed at "passive" job seekers, people who are already busy but are looking for a change of job or better opportunities.

The mobile application or job portal applications help the user find the perfect job based on his knowledge and skills. This process also helps recruiters find the right candidates. Thanks to the results-based recruitment and peer-to-peer recommendations, these applications create new fierce competition for traditional recruitment methods. From the simple drag-and-apply function to task filtering, there are several powerful innovative startups that are rediscovering the recruitment industry.


Based on machine learning algorithms, Switch is a job search application that allows users to apply for relevant jobs using the "drag to apply" function. Thanks to the chat function in the application, candidates can easily manage and edit their profile, call up detailed information on daily recommendations and directly contact employers.

YardenTadmor, Switch is a New York start-up founded in 2014 to revolutionize job search. The application has over half a million downloads, and major brands such as Amazon, Facebook and eBay have already registered as app recruiters.

  • Established: 2014
  • Total fundraised: USD 6.4 million
  • USP: task matching application with dragging function


The application focuses on improving the entire recruitment process of recruiters and candidates. The platform uses projects and challenges to assess relevant candidates and tests their skills. ProSky was founded in 2014 by Matthew Ang and CEO Crystal Huang and is a San Francisco start-up. The application challenges traditional 'CV and intelligence' methods through a recruitment process in which companies can directly train, test and hire new talent. In December 2015, the company raised around $ 2.3 million to increase the flexibility of recruitment technology and marketing strategy. This also includes Kapor Capital investments, 500 startups, and university ventures.

  • Established: 2015
  • Total funds raised: USD 7 million
  • USP: Performance-oriented attitude

Job Today

Job Today is a mobile recruitment application that allows users to search for relevant job offers and apply them. Candidates can also talk to employers if they have questions. Candidates will be updated with the results within 24 hours.

Established in 2015 and launched by a Luxembourg start-up company in Spain, the company has expanded its activities to London and Paris. Accel led the $ 10 million round of the A series in 2016 through Felix Capital and Mangrove Capital Partners.

  • Established: 2015
  • Total fundraised: USD 10 million
  • USP: helps people find a job within 24 hours


Syft allows employers to hire fully proven and temporary employees through the application. The application is mainly used by the London hotel and event industry. Syft helps jobseekers choose when and where they want to work.

The app, founded by Novo Abakare and Jacek Beaman in 2015, is also known as 'About staff in the hotel industry'. The application is relatively 65% ​​cheaper than conventional personnel agencies. With the help of Profounders Capital, investor angels Lord Young and heavy boxer David Haye, the company achieved a profit of around 2.65 million horsepower in 2018.

  • Established: 2015
  • Total funds raised: USD 7 million
  • USP: Hotel recruitment in London


The application helps job seekers find a job using peer-to-peer recommendations. Job offers are published by employers, and candidates can apply for a job or transfer it to a friend for a bonus.

The application was founded in 2014 by CEO Robyn McGirl and is addressed primarily to the technology startup community, such as London's "Tech City". In 2015, the company received funds from Tom Fleming, co-founder of Vertex.

  • Established: 2014
  • Total funds raised: not disclosed
  • USP: a talent for startups recommended by experts

Mobile recruitment trends for 2020

1. Ensuring Enriching Experience in Mobile Recruitment — the Key to Attracting Candidates

This year, recruiters will try to significantly motivate candidates, providing enriching mobile recruitment experiences. Make sure agencies use mobile devices to deliver relevant content to the right recipients so that applicants can interact and get a positive image of the recruiter's brand.

2. The Mobile Job Search Will Be the Basic Offer for Recruiting Candidates

The multiple uses of mobile devices have added a new dimension to job search. Currently, a large number of citizens and people in the United States and Great Britain around the world are looking for work on the go from mobile devices and tablets. Expect this fashion to grow because more and more candidates are resorting to mobile activities to find ideal job opportunities.

3. The synergy of Social Media and Mobile Recruitment

The growing synergy of social media and mobile recruitment paves the way for effective use of candidates' services. This collaboration will reach a new level during the year. Social and mobile media are becoming interdependent. In particular, with the emergence of millennia in the global workforce, public sharing can be seen as part of a full-fledged lifestyle.

4 Make Business Enterprise Career Page as Responsive as a Corporate Website

Optimization of programs for mobile devices, including a page with a professional career, can be a big pull for those who already have a job. Expect organizations to make their professional sites as responsive as corporate websites.

5 The Fate of Recruitment Lies in Mobile Applications

A mobile phone is a future of renting. More and more candidates in 2019 will apply for the desired positions using mobile devices. For this reason, recruiters must develop an action plan for the recruitment of candidates for mobile devices. However, many employers and recruiters are not yet fully involved in mobile recruitment.

Leveraging Mobile Technology in a Candidate-driven Recruitment 

Use cellular technology in the recruitment technique specified by the candidate. Mobile recruitment can have a progressive impact on this recruitment market driven by candidates. Over the millennia, the mobile era has become an important part of recruitment technology. It is expected that 47% of generations will now use their mobile devices to search for activities. This makes it even more important for companies to develop candidate-oriented recruitment tactics that will remove obstacles to reaching competent candidates.

Here are some mobile recruitment methods to become the highest quality service.

1. Develop video process descriptions

Recruiters have already begun to spend money on mobile corporate films that provide useful insight into the company's subculture, its history, and its vision. In 2018, recruiters began creating exciting corporate videos that can be published on any search platform.

2. Online CV Development

Due to the development in the generation of mobile devices, paper and laptop application channels are much less common than in pre-mobile technology. Resumes are no longer provided in print form to consulting companies. In return, some groups encourage candidates to submit CVs in the video layout.

3. Quick overview

Mobile recruitment has evolved from a one-way process to an easy, fast and tasty method (SMS, text ad, job search applications, etc.).

Mobile solutions, such as, help candidates interrupt the interview process by conducting self-assessment based on activity on mobile devices.

By using feasible analyzes using real-time analyzes, recruiters can direct their interest to short-list candidates and thus optimize the recruitment method.

Change your Recruitment Behavior

Take advantage of the possibilities of mobile and social media to change your recruitment behavior A solid corporate brand is on the agenda to attract the best talent in this intensive recruitment market. Methods based on technologies such as Knowledge Groups, Mobile Recruitment, and Social Media play a key role in building a strong corporate brand that enables the company to attract the best talent.

1. Use Revolutionary Strategies to Attract Competent  Candidates'

New applications, such as relocation and work, use the mobile recruitment trend using the left cleaning function. These applications are like tinder, but for recruitment. They allow candidates to express their hobby as part of an activity, view the opportunities available, and then cross out the opportunities they want to learn more by contacting the relevant recruiters.

2. Personalization is the Key

The best way to use social media for recruitment is to publish special forms of content on social networks that can help you find the right candidates. The key is to make content interesting and relevant to your audience.

3. Use Existing Sources

Use the existing employee and company symbol as part of the video content. Make it mobile, optimized and based on social networks. In this way, you can reach potential applicants and lead them to the image of the subculture that you want to paint before they finally enter your company.

Recruiting App Development with EightDevs

Our relationship with technology has changed rapidly over time and now mobile customers spend 90% of their time on mobile applications instead of browsers. Recruitment applications are making very good progress — the advantage of passport search in addition to smart notifications helps speed up and facilitate the recruitment process. The fate of mobile recruitment is to create applications with seamless integration, appropriate customer service and information analysis that help recruiters find passive candidates who are likely to be open to new opportunities.

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