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Mobile Game Development for iOS / Android

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-10-25 14:23:00

Mobile game (MG) is the only type of application in which there is no established permanent leader in the Play Market and the App Store. The download leaders change constantly, which is ironic since game creation is a very sophisticated process. However, this means that a very good app with proper marketing has a chance to have millions of installs.

Mobile Game App Development: How Much Can You Earn?

Free apps are monetized through ads and paid in-app purchases. These are the two most popular options. But they are released not only for the direct purpose of monetization. Brands launch their own app to increase user loyalty and to create additional contact channels with the audience (monetization is also established, but the primary goal is not profit).

IOS and Android mobile games development are what we love at EightDevs. It is always better for the customer to deal with a team of pros, rather than single-handed freelancers. Starting such a project is a big piece of work that will go smoothly if you entrust it to the right group of developers and designers.

Mobile Game Development — what are we going to get out of this?

You've decided to develop a mobile game, what's the cost?

Game apps for android iPhone are unique so the cost depends on:

  1. Functionality and technological features. For example, does the integration with social networks, payment systems are required, will the app have augmented reality, etc.
  2. The sheer size of the MG (for example, how many cards are needed, how big is the world, how many characters are needed).
  3. MG programming can be native or cross-platform, which one is required?
  4. The difficulty of the gameplay. It may require mobile game development from scratch.

It is noteworthy that the price of a game with complex graphics and simple gameplay will be lower than the other with complex gameplay and simple graphics. You have to bear that in mind when writing down your idea and drafting app costs.

Mobile Game Development: stages of creation

  1. Analysis of the target audience of MG, the choice of monetization method, determine the mechanics and gameplay, think through the settings. All this is called the creation of the concept of an MG and its development. Design documentation is created at this point. It consists of Vision (describes the project from the point of view of a market product) and Concept Document, which describes the developed aspects of the future MG.
  2. Prototyping. On the prototype check whether the working concept. It helps to test mechanics, evaluate the process of completing the app. The prototype is not a full game, it includes up to 40 percent of the entire gameplay.
  3. “Vertical slice”, software development — it is an implemented gameplay with unprocessed secondary details.
  4. Content production — artists, game designers, and programmers are involved. This is the longest stage — preparing for closed beta testing. Upon completion of the stage, a working version of the game is obtained with all key features and is ready for collection and analysis of statistics.
  5. Closed beta testing. Access to the app is gained by real, brand-friendly players, a loyal audience. The goal is to eliminate critical errors, bugs in logic, etc. there is a test plan and testing is conducted in accordance with it.
  6. Open beta testing. At this stage, paid features are already available in the game. New features no longer added, existing ones are adjusted.
  7. Release. By this stage, all marketing tools should be configured, and communication should be established — a support team and communities in social networks. The development team is less and less concerned with the bugs. Because their number at this stage is minimized and is working on adding new features to maintain the interest of the players.
  8. The production team is working to improve the financial performance of the project.

Custom Mobile Game Development: EightDevs Digital Agency

Why is it worth working with us?

  1. The EightDevs team has been on the market since 2015 and during that time has gained experience and reputation. Partners are satisfied with us and our referral rate is over 90%.
  2. A permanent in-house team who work with each other for a long time. This fact allowed our teams of eight to establish synergy and maximize efficiency.
  3. Design expertise.

Contact us now and tell us about your project. We will advise on the process in more detail. Discuss the timing, cost, and prospects of the idea of your killer project.