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Mobile App Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-03-15 15:48:00

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Why Do Successful Businesses Need Mobile Apps?

The number of smartphone users is growing steadily from year to year. In the USA, according to GFK, 85% of all Internet users own a smartphone. The forecasts look even more impressive — e-Marketer analysts promise that by 2021, more than 72% of all purchases will be made using a smartphone.

This proves that companies cannot be solely reliant on their websites for e-commerce, and there is a huge demand for the development of mobile applications. In addition to the obvious simplification of the user experience with the site, which leads to increased sales, applications have several important advantages.

If there is no budget for a separate application, but the journey of the target audience runs through a mobile device, you need a website with a neat, adaptive design. EightDevs will establish its development.

Mobile Applications Development for Android and iOS

The Purpose

  1. Developing a mobile application for B2C — The main objective is to collect analytics about the user. This information allows you to personalize offers. Therefore, the goal is to increase the number of repeat purchases per customer. The presence of analytics helps increase the regularity of interaction with each consumer, attach the consumer to a hook, and retain them for the long term marketing
  2. The cost of developing an application pays off on several fronts, and an important one is a direct interaction with the consumer. The company is constantly in touch, and, unlike email or SMS marketing, contact costs nothing and instantaneous.
  3. B2B mobile application helps optimize business processes. Our app development helps track the processing of task execution. In fact, the list of tasks that can be solved by application developers is limited only by competencies!

We work according to the flexible Kanban development methodology, therefore some tasks are performed in parallel, which makes the process of developing business applications as efficient as possible.

Mobile Application Development for Business


  1. Our team exams the brief and then performs a thorough customer survey. We then define the purposes and main objectives for the creation of the mobile application.
    Naturally, the functionality of the application and its appearance depend on those factors.
  2. UX-research of Applications and Direct Competitors — Study User Preferences — UX prototyping of the application.
    These 2 processes are launched in parallel and the designer begins to work on the prototype over the course of the project. We think over the logic of the application, user usage scenarios, and create prototypes of pages
  3. Development of functional technical specifications for the application. 
    After approval of the design with the client, we make a clear and detailed SPEC — this helps guide our development.
  4. Application Design: Developed uniquely for each client. Presentation and approval with the client ahead of time.
  5. Development of the client-side application according to the approved design. Development of the server-side application.
    The scope of work depends on the presence or absence of the need to develop a server.
  6. Mobile app testing
  7. Application release on the App Store and Play Market. Presentation — Demonstration of Work — Application Reporting
  8. Technical support application
    EightDevs provides application support services for 2 months after delivery to the client. We also take the application for service and keep the application consistently updated as part of the ongoing support service.
  9. Promotion of the application in the App Store and Play Market. EightDevs Studio provides application promotion services. The pool of competencies includes text optimization, setting up advertising, and working with customer reviews. 
    We can also connect thematic bloggers and opinion leaders.

Studio EightDevs provides application development services of varying complexity from standard to custom. Examples of work can be found in our portfolio.

Cost of Mobile Application Development

For each new project assigned, our team of designers and developers brainstorm strategies before commencing on the application. The cost of developing an application depends on the man-hours spent. Their number affects:

  • the Complexity of the application and functionality that will be required;
  • number of application screens;
  • need for integration (payment systems, social networks, CRM systems, etc)
  • the need to develop an application for both platforms — IOS and Android; opt for a cross-platform application or develop only one version.
  • The number of operating system versions that the application will support is especially important for Android applications***

It is also important to identify whether EightDevs will need to develop the server-side of the application. Answering “yes” to this question increases the time frame for developing a mobile application. However, if only the client part is required, the cost will be lower.

Negotiations regarding the price of your application project are available for discussion with our digital agency. The EightDevs team loves to solve non-standard tasks!

Order Mobile App Development | EightDevs Studio

  1. Client Trust: Most of our clients came to us on the advice of their business partners, friends or acquaintances. During the time that has passed since 2015, we have managed to become a studio that is associated with quality and reliability. We value this trust and do not stop getting better.
  2. Experience: We are able to create digital ecosystems that work quickly and without bugs. For four years, the team has accumulated more than 60 digital projects, each of which has helped in business development, and has led to hundreds of clients.
  3. Service: EightDevs is a customer-oriented agency. We can be constantly in touch if the client wants to be involved in the project. We can also simply appear within the required time frame for the presentation of the intermediate and final results of the work.

EightDevs studio allows you to order a mobile application that will increase sales and customer loyalty. Tell us about your project, and we will work in unison to deliver the results you need!