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Tips To Manage Remote Employees

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-04-06 20:12:00

It is worth bearing in mind that dealing with distant workers is very different from working in an office. Some employees need a little more support than others to succeed, some employees enjoy the office atmosphere and live off the relationships they personally build, but it is worth noting that it is not always worth it. Research has shown that home workers tend to perform better than their office counterparts. Here are some tips on how to make it easier for your remote employee to fail and succeed in your business.

How to Manage Remote Employees: Data, Tools Trust Issues

Using activity and productivity data will help you identify operational strategies that need to be adapted to accommodate remote workers. Tools such as ActivTrak can help you get digital insights that help you easily understand your employees workflows, how they work and what distant team members aren't working on. The rise of the remote workforce has led to an increased focus on monitoring output and ensuring the productivity of dispersed teams. It is becoming increasingly important to have a better understanding of how your remote employees work and how productive they are. 

Most companies report high productivity when working with remote employees, but there can be some planning problems. In a buffer study, 21% of remote workers said that effective and efficient communication was the key to success. As a manager, you know that communication can sometimes act as a huge wake-up call when it comes to managing employees. Since employees are scattered across different time zones, it can sometimes be tedious to coordinate the time for chats. 

If you don't trust your employees to manage their time, remote work is doomed to failure. You have to give flexibility to remote workers and judge them on their performance, as you should for office workers. If the project is progressing at a satisfactory pace and employees are meeting deadlines and objectives, you should ask yourself whether it is worth starting work at 5:00 and finishing at 13:00. While it may be tempting to expect distant team members to work from home or even from the office, as might be the case at a team meeting, there is no such thing as too much work for too little time. 


Teams scattered across countries and even continents are the new corporate norm. Almost 70% of the global workforce commute at least once a week. Whether you're interested in diversifying your talent pool, cutting costs and overhead, or improving performance remotely, employees are joining the remote workforce. Although remote workers management and motivation take a proactive approach, their goals are often different from what one would do to support them in a traditional workplace.

Manage Remote Employees: Treat Remote As Local

Give remote people as much access as possible. Treat them as if they were locals. If they are remote, they should be treated like locals and begged like locals, not like outsiders. Remember that the locals will see you in the hall, have lunch with you and drop by your office. Remote people do not have this access, so they can feel remote. Make it easier for local people to make appointments with you. Respond as quickly as possible and answer as many calls and emails as possible.

Schedule Video-Based Coaching While Manage Remote Office

Think it is up to you, especially as a virtual employee, to schedule your time and take care of each other when you speak. If you don't plan your time face to face, don't talk to each other and hopefully face to face (hopefully), the silence can get very loud and dangerous as distant employees end up wondering how they are doing. We use Zoom to work with customers and employees.

Avoid Multi-Tasking While Manage Remote Office

Find out how to avoid multitasking. Video conferencing instead of conference calls works well. Encourage people to stay in work mode and email back and forth. Email paths and extensive replies can suppress productivity. Send notes early in the day and send them as you need them. We tend to peak at the end of the working day when people are trying to shift work off their plates.

Close Bonds, Help And Frequent Suport

Life values and empathizes with you when you discuss the similarities and shared beliefs of your family. Life as a whole, not just one person. Sign in with shared documents and spreadsheets to invest in your relationship. Show that you support your success by using queries to help you achieve your goals, find out about your progress and numbers, and chat on the phone.

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