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Information Security Services for Corporate Clients

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-03-05 16:08:51

The security threat is mounting. Internet of Things  (IoT) devices, and mounting security threats to the security of the world's data.

EighDevs helps organizations prepare, protect, respond to, and recover from all points in the security life cycle IoT devices and their data. Internet of Things devices, such as smart meters, smart thermostats and smart lighting.

Using global resources and cutting-edge technology, we create integrated turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of the value chain. From defending against known cyberattacks to responding to unknowns to managing an entire security operations center, EighDevs will help you build cyber resilience with growing confidence. Safety concerns are different for every business and industry.

How We Can Help

Managed cybersecurity services are suited to large organizations, protecting against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. We work closely with leading industry information to ensure that the most advanced solutions are delivered to our clients with the highest level of security and compliance standards.

  1. Cyber Security Packages. We offer two comprehensive managed cybersecurity packages that provide advanced 360 deg. protection for your IT environment, data, and users. IT will respond to the latest threats before they affect your operations. By ensuring that your personnel is the first line of defense, we can help you implement a strong cybersecurity culture.
  2. Soc-As-A-Service. Using cutting-edge technology, the outsourcing company, a global leader in information security and compliance solutions, provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for compliance and risk management. IT will protect your organization's systems, data and people from new and emerging cyber threats while ensuring regulatory compliance.
  3. Vulnerability Management. Ensure that you are one step ahead of the cybercriminals by conducting a risk tracking for known vulnerabilities. Any security issues that may have been exposed to an attack will be identified, analyzed, evaluated, and recommended recovery plans to reduce risk.

Information Security Services: How We Work

We will start by revising the structure of digital assets and sensitive data, identifying threat models, and setting priority lags for security testing. Engineers will simulate the enemy and test the most important parts in a specified time frame. The results will be documented in the form of a report with a detailed description of the results, along with an explanation of their impact on the environment.

Why Work With EightDevs?

  • A certified and dedicated team.
  • ISO, SDI, and ITIL accredited, with a strong focus on open-source software development and open standards.
  • A fully confirmed reference to the Open Source Software Foundation (OSSF).

Benefits Of Cyber Security Services With EightDevs

  1. Our services are managed by a team of experienced cybersecurity engineers.
  2. Get secure solutions that meet your business needs.
  3. Enjoy safe and sustainable business operations.
  4. Involve yourself in the risks of security-related events and enjoy the benefits of a safe, secure, and secure environment for your business.
  5. Allowing your internal team to focus on their other work.

Let’s get in touch and discuss your digital assets, business needs, existing countermeasures, and immediate goals.