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Mobile App Development for Grocery Store

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-04-08 17:35:00

Do you run an online supermarket but don't have a mobile application yet? Here are three reasons why your grocery store or online supermarket needs a mobile application for food delivery. In this way, start-ups can find 3 reasons to invest in custom development of grocery shopping applications.

Who doesn't like to go to a grocery store where people receive personal recommendations and offers as soon as they enter the store? Are you sure you will love those grocery stores where it takes a few seconds to check out and you don't take out your wallet to pay for your groceries?

By introducing online applications for grocery shopping, you can meet such customer needs on-demand, as the grocery market is record-breaking. In the age of mobility, it became necessary to have a mobile application that allows reaching more people. Online grocery stores are now a movable thing. Users can shop from anywhere. To get more user engagement and satisfaction, an online grocery store is now a need.

There are several factors, such as rapid urbanization and high population density, that make applications such as Uber's food supply an economical option, especially when it comes to low labor costs. For a more in-depth analysis of online grocery shopping, we at Statista had some insight into total US sales.

3 Reasons Why Online Supermarket Needs A Custom Mobile App Solution
Image Credit: Statista

These statistics clearly show the growing application scenario for grocery shopping. Online sales amounted to approximately USD 14.2 billion in 2017, and are expected to reach USD 29.7 billion by 2021.

Now let's look at why your supermarket or grocery delivery service needs a grocery shopping app. Food startups and entrepreneurs can look at these reasons and plan investments in the development of mobile food applications.

App Development for Supermarkets or Grocery Startups

Convenient Search & Catalog of Goods

A custom app development for groceries will give you and your user convenience of search and catalog management. For you, as the owner of a supermarket or grocery startup, it is very difficult to manage manual stocks and keep a count for storing products.  

Are you wondering how? Creating applications for the grocery store is a comprehensive solution for all problems with the list and inventory. The Uber for Grocery app can manage extremely long product lists with relevant photos and prices. All product details are saved in mobile application libraries, thanks to which all information is securely stored.

Users are lucky to find every item under one roof and place an order in the grocery store with one click. Online retailers can meet the needs of their customers, such as the desire to eat better for you.

Customizable insight into product engagement

Not all applications for mobile food have such a precise approach that can be used to display product engagement. However, if you plan to create an application such as Uber for grocery shopping, this is the best solution that can be achieved. Some common functions are integrated into every food delivery application:

  • Product menu
  • Wishlist
  • Integration of payment systems
  • Add to cart

In addition to these basic features of the Marketplace application, we can now gain insight into product engagement, which clearly shows the most popular and most used product from the entire online grocery store. You get a user-oriented idea to store products properly.

Based on these insights, users can also find out which product is most preferred by others. It's like someone else has bought a fan and it works for them. I'm going to buy one for your advantage, it's fun, but that's how consumer psychology works.

Live-tracking of delivery drivers, orders and other administrative areas

The order tracking solution offers the best solution for the user and owner because it determines the exact location of the delivery agent. It is important for the owner to follow the methodology of his employees' work, and for users, such tracking gives a sense of satisfaction and strengthens confidence in the food application brand.

Admin panel management is a solution that allows full order management from order creation to package delivery. The product catalog can be easily managed using the application's administrative console, and the application works seamlessly when the user checks out after placing an order.

As a food startup or supermarket owner, you can easily use the on-demand application and invest in the development of mobile food applications. Online food applications offer a wider range of products in the category usually available in stores. Such mobile automation allows you to save a lot of costs, it is a one-time investment and a great return on the future.

The reason why food starters need on-demand food applications in their US grocery stores

Increased use of food delivery applications: Food delivery applications have caused a stir in the demand economy, especially in the United States. Well, there is good news for all those startups that planned to create applications for delivering groceries to their grocery stores. In short, food delivery applications are growing rapidly in the US.

According to the latest news, San Francisco Instacart is introducing its online grocery delivery to the Pittsburgh region from Thursday. The company offers a service that enables personal buyers to collect, package and deliver food orders to Shop'n Save, Aldi, Costo, Sams Club, and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market customers.

A key discovery is that food applications are one of the fastest-growing mobile applications in the United States. However, growth will continue to improve in the coming years. In this photo, you can see it until next year, i.e. 2019. More than one in five adults buying on m-commerce smartphones uses the food ordering application.

Online food delivery is one of the fastest-growing categories online. In addition, major food suppliers such as Amazon, Kroger, and Walmart are investing in a number of on-demand delivery service initiatives. As it turns out that implementation is more efficient, costs for consumers will decrease.

Based on the analysis of all leading demand food delivery applications such as Instacart, Shipt, Kroger and GrubMarket, we have developed three key features that should be considered when developing demand food delivery applications.

Grocery shopping application for a startup | EightDevs

If you keep these reasons in mind, you can also achieve your goals for starting on-demand food delivery. A special mobile application can help you achieve your goals and expand your position in a prosperous niche. Here are some other complex elements that you can stand out from the competition:

Reorder Products: This feature makes it easier for users to change the order of the same activities they did last month by adding an extra item when needed.

Online store purchase: when a user walks past a store but wants to shop through the app to get special discounts by seeing the product in person. This will enable the barcode scanner function in the store of their respective devices.

Shipping costs: If possible, do not add shipping costs or shipping features to make products cheaper and the first choice for consumers who want to use these funds.

To help you understand the scale of such food applications, Grofers, the Uber Indian food delivery application, recently raised $ 200 million, run by the Vision Bank Soft Bank fund. Niche foods offer great opportunities if chosen in the best interest of users and traditional supermarkets.

If you have many ideas for creating grocery shopping applications, please contact us. We are a leader in creating iPhone applications and we have a team that employs iPhone application developers. Thanks to our experience in developing over 50 applications on-demand, our team of iPhone developers has knowledge of how to create mobile applications for almost all genres.

If you still have questions about the grocery shopping application development schedule, how much does it cost to create grocery shopping applications, such as Walmart, Amazon, Peapod, and Freshdirect, depending on the needs of application developers? You can contact us using the contact form. One of our sales representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

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