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Fitness App Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-15 18:47:00

The number of Americans that take up sports as a hobby, pastime or method to keep their peace of mind is rising incrementally. When looking at statistics, training popularity among the urban population of the USA aged 25 to 55 (key targeted audience of the majority of businesses) has slowly increased over the last five years. All of this together combined with an increase in smartphone usage paves the way for an increased demand for fitness applications.

Sports Applications are comprised of several types:

  • trackers with varying indicators;
  • applications with training schemes;
  • health and improved well-being fitness software;
  • applications for specific types of sports: running, yoga, bodybuilding, etc;
  • corporate apps for brands: usually developed as part of a company’s marketing strategy for achieving internal goals. 

If you are interested in creating a web version of your fitness applications, then EightDevs will help you develop it.

App Development for Sports, Athletic Brands and Clubs


Brand Apps vary on the inside. Fitness club applications are integrated with the company’s inner marketing tools. The overall goal is to sell more by binding the client to convenience, increasing one’s loyalty by means of communication inside the app. This is a means of profit for a chain of fitness clubs. 

Sports and healthy lifestyle companies primarily use applications for customer communication and long-term strategic goals such as brand loyalty and user personification.

All of this together enables the formation of a circle of loyal and regular customers who stay with a brand even during crisis and are ready to pay more if they feel like they are part of a community.

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Corporate Fitness Apps: What are their benefits for business

Mobile Fitness App Development: Functionality

  • Training Programs.
  • Personalized Nutrition Tips.
  • Training Sign-Ups (consultation with a coach) — primarily for business club applications and applications for sports club chains.
  • Communication and competition with other users.
  • Integration with Social Media — Possibility of sharing training results.
  • Motivational messages and reminders.
  • Tracking of physical parameters — measuring training efficiency.

Creating a fitness app provides an opportunity to increase the number of brand followers and sales from subscription plans, especially for businesses that work in the sports service field.

Sports Apps are comprised of several type

Cost of Developing a Fitness Application

A number of unique screens and operations available inside the fitness app: the more there are, the higher the price, as a developer working hours need to be increased. 

The development time depends on functionality — the more additional functions and integrations required, the more time will be needed.

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Customized Tracking App: Development Stages

  1. The preparatory stage of sports app development: briefing, meetings, terms of reference approval, market and competitors analysis. Then we determine the architecture of the application, choose the development platform, draw and approve drafts and create a prototype.
  2. Approval of design, program code writing (front-end & back-end), interim presentations.
  3. Testing and editing.
  4. Publication and transfer of documentation for a sports app.
  5. Promotion of sport application.

Mobile Fitness App Development: Functionality

Fitness Apps Development Services

Advantages of EightDevs Studio

  1. Work with a team of professionals that are assigned to exclusively work on your application. The final product will be punctually delivered with clean code and fast load speed. All of our developers and designers work in an office, meaning that there will be no issues with communication and schedule overruns.   
  2. Four years of experience in website and app development: You can rely on our competence because we have development experience for complex and big projects. 
  3. Marketing analysis and user-friendly design. Our software performs all the commercial functions and is loved by users. The design is user-friendly and professional and product usability is very intuitive. 

EightDevs clients can order a fitness application for a sports club or for other club types. Our app will bring you your targeted audience and help increase profit. Tell us about your project and leave your contact information in our feedback form. We will contact you to discuss the project.

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