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E-learning platform development: Features and Trends

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-05-08 20:45:48

However, he needs to forfeit his sleep to master that wide variety of sciences In the case of Leonardo da Vinci dwelt in the modern world. He'd subscribe for perhaps even a platform or Coursera to know the depths of their collective understanding.

Education is taken by the model to a different level. Rather than digesting materials that are unnecessary you also can choose what you want to learn, when, and at any time.

You can certainly perform it not at the cost of life or one's career.

Analyzing popular space education providers, we believed what makes them so successful. A pricing list? Courses of e-learning platform function from colleges or maybe a couple?

Explain just how to make an e-learning internet site that is going to be a blast and today we want to center on the previous factor.

Trends in software development

To begin with, let's have a sneak peek at the electronic instruction market, its own main trends, players, and viewpoints.

Fact No 1

Before the international lock-down on account of COVID-19, experts forecast the global online learning market will increase up to $325B in 5 years to come. The reason is the demand for corporate training and cheap educational services with flexible learning schemes. For the time being, that the pandemic has already forced the 600B degree industry to proceed to the internet realm.

Fact Number 2

Together with the outbreak dispersing throughout the Earth, new trends in online education can influence the future situation:

  • even the very conservative educational associations have begun the transformation involving digital, which fostered the evolution of inventions (AR/VR elements, live television broadcasts, educational influencers);
  • fresh alliances between IT organizations, educational organizations, and authorities have been mushrooming; they make an effort to create online education systems and make them accessible to all students;
  • there might be an adverse effect of the international digitalization  a gap in the education quality and access between advanced economies where students do have greater chances and 3rd world states.

Fact No 3

Corporations are getting to be the primary users of instruction models that are online. The employees of 77% of all US organizations join training camps organized by Udemy and Coursera.

Because it's really a cost-effective and quick way to produce the proficiency of their staff that is in-house users choose e-learning platforms.

Besides, virtual classes are likely to boost the retention of consciousness up to 25--60%.

Fact Number 4

Every dollar spent online educational activities leads to a 30% increase in an organization's productivity.

Productivity is vital not just for a certain enterprise or organization. As its living environment is improved by it, it's also necessary for mankind.

Fact No 5

67% of organizations provide educational services for users. On the one hand, it can help companies meet up with the demand. On the flip side, it gives them a competitive advantage over rivals.

Might it be the right time to test out your luck in route development? Dependent on the facts, the answer is definitely yes.

Markets as self-management, skills, and personal efficacy, formal learning will be currently gaining momentum.

Your likely rivalry could be if you opt for these:

  • Coursera – a universal platform for online education with hundreds of courses on any subject and subject.
  • Udemy – a global e-learning services provider with a concentration on professional adults as well as adults.
  • Pluralsight – a portal where you upgrade your technician abilities. It complies with training and IT certificate.
  • Skillsoft  a one-stop-shop for corporate training to boost business processes and workflows.
  • Udacity – still yet another platform for mastering science and technology; it includes classes on programming, AI/ML, data engineering, etc.
  • Mind Tools – an extensive choice of classes on self-organization, personal efficiency, livelihood development, etc.
  • Docebo  a collaborative environment for peers at which learners can discuss ideas and share knowledge.

Core Elearning platform comprises

Review platforms provide hundreds of users' reviews.

Most of these are about insufficient or stage functionality making students interrupt studies.

What capabilities are key for portals with internet classes? How to make a website with an outlook for scaling up? We're continuing onto clear things up.

Virtual workplaces for customers

Given the range of opportunities provided by online educational portals (classes production and selling for teachers and program registration for students), then they ought to offer personal areas where users can fulfill their activities.

First off, you should think about the way the user will subscribe to your own portal. Several options are far more preferable than registration via an email.

Create an internet learning platform plus it will save users' efforts and time.

Options and personal profile preferences rely on the user style. Lectures will be needing tools to construct and market classes, edit tasks and programs, and track pupils' progress, add events, share and manage documents, etc..

Top online learning platform functions for students' accounts:

Profile settings and personalized info;

  • courses and their status (in progress, completed, active, inactive, etc.);
  • purchased programs;
  • access to the Help Center;
  • calendar.

Provide interaction

The interactive website site design has become a buzzword. It has different facets inviting users to take certain tasks.

For instance, a search feature can be used by a visitor, share a website in socials, or complete a form. All this really is around interactivity that enriches the experience.

Since they feature your audience more 13, Internet sites with online classes are interactive by default.

Users Intricate and simple tasks in interactive surroundings of e-learning platforms:

  • commenting and discussing;
  • searching and selecting courses;
  • enrolling and filing functions.

Interactivity should be useful and understandable. For example, students can browse into a page they are looking for in minutes or delight in the articles that is a video without interruptions.

You can transform the risks into puzzles and riddles.

Offer it for free

The delivery of remote education services gets got the commercial concept in its center.

Learners compare online classes, download syllabus, and only subsequently decide to enroll or get yourself a trial offer. Unlike shopping, students cannot test what exactly they are buying the latter is important.

Some platforms like Coursera delivers completely free enrollment to get a trial period that's generally around seven days. To keep on studying, you need to invest a certain sum of cash.

Others like Skillsoft are willing to present absolutely completely free demos with temporary access to articles.

It creates a feeling of reliability trust and respect. It makes users think that they will have freedom of choice.

I need this and that!

The first consideration which may come to your mind when your property on a web site like Udacity is"OMG. I do not know what to pick.

Learning platforms that online boast about the range of classes they offer. Coursera includes 2,400 online classes. Udemy is breaking all the records by offering 130,000 apps, including Docebo, which provides access to just 20 complimentary classes.

However large or small you're likely to be, so you need to make sure that learners can easily find a path in your catalog.

We like just how this is coped with by Udemy. Once you type in the keywords in the search bar, the process offers results grouped by categories.

As an example, you'd like to dive into the basics of promotion. Udemy chooses several classes for example programs for beginners and advanced level masterclasses, for you.

Right underneath the search results, you can get a class with a breakdown of its own topics and educators.

To view all the courses on digital promotion, you need to make use of a filtering system and select just those with a 5-star rating or period of 17+ hrs.

This process enables the user never to become lost from the ocean of advice and create an informed choice.

Admin dash

All sorts of platforms — corporate websites or space learning providers have admin dashboards for managing each feature of the platform.

Admin dashboards should come about class activities with the functionality for construction, managing, reporting, and monitoring.

Should you seek an easier way to build an e-learning system, then there are off the shelf tools such as Docebo or uQualio to aid with user direction in your own side.

If you are more prone to hiring specialist engineers, then think about these basic performance modules:

  • сlasses monitoring and management;
  • user accounts management;
  • user-profile presence;
  • user recordings export;
  • users grouping;
  • user profiles merging;
  • reports and statistics;
  • user alarms;
  • admin settings;
  • platform events.

Purchase and start your learning route

The pricing policy is another factor influencing learners' choice.

You might decide to market classes that are basic or offer training programs for membership prices. In any scenario, the process should be quick, smooth, and secure. When the user continues using the voucher, They Wish to see Unique options:

  • Credit/debit cards of different payment systems;
  • PayPal or alternative payment gateways.

Your task is always to ensure customers that whatever system they opt for, the trade will be carried out instantly without any risks of their fraud.

Along with traditional procedures, Udacity offers to cover via the Affirm provider. Coursera allows using JCB and Discover cards. Free coupons that produce the training course price appealing are provided by Docebo.

The power of personalization

Throughout the development of an e-learning stage, it's vital to keep in mind that the annoyance points of your clientele.

Some programs offer you basic personalization options such as choosing a personalized avatar, payment method or establishing email preferences.

Others, platforms that are more advanced, allow you to sync with your calendar ask learner data or tweak notification accounts.

We enjoy the custom options from Coursera accounts. Here's what consumers could perform that:

  • set the timezone and speech;
  • join linked-in profiles;
  • add calendars;
  • turn on tracking notes & highlighting activity.

Another side of customization may be that the support of multiple languages. The worldwide operating platforms offer you the course in various languages.

You may exhibit an approach that is individual by adding analytics. Learners can track their progress and receive updates on tasks.

Actual classroom simulator

In spite of the benefits of instruction, it often lacks the collaborative element.

People enrolled in a program have to know the knowledge themselves or peer-reviewed.

Communication is crucial as it creates an inspiring environment and competition.

All of us understand how to create cooperation with coffee fractures.

First off, substances should come with the teacher.

To enhance discussions, develop virtual and forums rooms where the students of this class can ask questions and share thoughts.

Additionally, it's important to let users get in touch with the mentor; talks and messengers could work to a conclusion.

Encourages hand

At the planning stage of e-learning stage growth, think you will be supporting customers' queries.

Ever since your website will undergo a heavy load, then you need capabilities and adequate tools to handle it.

Just how can top platforms manage this?

  • Coursera has a Help facility with topics providing answers. They can get in touch with the team if a user has a particular inquiry.
  • If you should be a Skillsoft user, you'll be able to reach out by phone, Help, or email.
  • Udemy students may send a request. They are able to find the question in the FAQs or employ a help chat once they appear on the Support page.

Share everything

Podcasts, podcasts, and online presentations the range of learning materials is huge. Does your portal site need to encourage these formats?

Probably yes.

Make an e-learning web site where teachers can upload and share assets and various multimedia files from PDFs that are old school to content.

Think of file size limits, their compatibility with both mobiles and offline accessibility, and style option restrict or to give access based on the user role.

And VR is turning into a hot trend in distance learning. Think of that a film or video concerning the chemistry experiment is transformed into a scenario by which a student can take part in. It is going to become your WOW one of other education platform attributes.

Additional portal characteristics to consider: reports and data analysis, online webinars and other events, gamification, blog.

How to make an e-learning platform?

Either you will walk this path by yourself or with your company, you need to what milestones a typical development process contains.

  1. Discovery. Throughout the first telephone, our business analysts will probably find out what features and requirements of an e-learning system you have. We research competitors, analyze the target market, and dive into the specifics of one's small business. Finally. We are going to come up with tech suggestions and requirements specs.
  2. UX/UI design. The results recorded on the former stage enable us to create client flows and flows that will be considered a base for your own upcoming UX of your platform. Through wire-framing and user research, we align with the visual look with your business goals and clients' needs.
  3. Growth. When all the assets have decided for engineering, our developers get from the game. Our development process is well-established so you can be sure your allowance quotes and deadlines will be met under any given conditions. We work in line with the time-and-material approach letting us be more flexible and transparent. If you want to start with an MVP, we're pleased to offer our assistance and develop an e-learning platform with the prolonged operation. The services we provide include technology consulting development, UI, and UX improvement.

Cost of schooling platform growth

Design requirements and learning stage features influence the final price in the contract. Check what it takes to construct an e-learning stage below.


Online learning services' services have revolutionized the education industry in a limited while. Getting degrees in areas and sciences has become much simpler.

Even college students can succeed in career development and branding.

Staff education and training are no longer a pain in the throat.

This is thanks to a robust and Feature-rich functionality of websites such as Udemy and Coursera such as:

  • Interactive design;
  • totally free trials;
  • alternative payment options;
  • custom preferences;
  • professional service;
  • easy-to-use course catalog.

Hopefully, this article will provide you some fundamental knowledge of what is the center of an e-learning website. If you'd love to go over your e-learning undertaking, ping us!