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Development of an Electronic Document Management System and Reporting Automation

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-20 17:00:50

Working with documentation in a large company is an ongoing process that is part of the daily routine. The larger the company, the more diverse documents its employees fill out and update. The organization of document storage, access to them and their security is an integral part of business success.

There are basic turnkey solutions for different types of enterprises. They can be modified to meet the specific needs of companies.

Setting Up Business Reporting: Available Tools

  • Track tasks in real-time.
  • Kanban boards with intersections of tasks and performers, which show the connections in the performance of tasks and have a clear picture of the final execution.
  • Gantt chart format reports.

Depending on the type of employee’s tasks, you can choose the tool that works best. It is important that if the tasks are common for the team, then the kanban and Gantt chart formats work better since the tasks in them are not duplicated and the full picture of the group’s work is obvious.

Setting Up Business Reporting: Available Tools

Automated Reports to the Leader: Technological Aspect

Setting up reports, monitoring tasks, tracking of employee’s working time is part of the routine. Document management solutions will help to simplify them. Opportunities for business owners are broad: from monitoring the employee’s work process to tracking the amount of time for each task.

Depending on the management style, different managers choose different routes. A report for a day or a week on tasks is an optimal approach that does not put pressure on an employee (unlike real-time surveillance) and does not increase the percentage of work spent on planning and reports.

It is easy to organize reports in a convenient format inside the CRM or task manager. Such a way is well suited for a company with a hierarchical structure.

How to develop a document management system

How to Develop a Document Management System

  1. Analysis of the situation in the company.
  2. Report and consulting — the formation of proposals for your company.
  3. The customer’s choice of tools and their implementation: we use ready-made tools, modify finished tools to meet the needs of customers, or write custom software for a company.
  4. Staff training — for two months we provide full support and help with all the technical aspects. Subsequent support is optional and is negotiated separately. If it is required by the company, we can provide full support and devote our specialists to it.

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How to Develop a Document Management System

Document Management Software Development Cost 

  1. The need for custom software development. If ready-made solutions for some reasons do not suit your business needs, we can develop CRM or ERP for your company. 
  2. Finalization of software for the company. The cost of this option is lower than the creation of a new program but higher than the implementation of ready-made solutions. 
  3. Safety requirements. If high-end security is required, the cost of software development will be higher.
  4. Selected technologies. The price of the ready-made program is lower than the price of a custom program.

Document Management Software Development Cost

EightDevs Studio Will Help You to Introduce Electronic Document Management

Why us?

  1. 5 years of experience in custom software development, including custom software for document management. We have already created custom software for the individual needs of businesses, which helped enterprises simplify processes to save costs.
  2. Ability to build the right user interfaces that do not irritate the consumer. 
  3. Emphasis on data security. With us, you will receive not only software that solves problems, but also software that will not create new ones. We will protect the software from external attacks.

Contact us to view cases, tell us about your business needs, and we will offer digital optimization solutions for your business.