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E-commerce Application Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-10-30 17:47:00

Online commerce shows growth from year to year. Online sales are developing, along with them, purchases are increasing from phones and tablets — devices that are always needed. This trend is paired with the omniacality of retail — comprehensive contact with the consumer when the contact occurs in several places at once, and the purchase is the result of a set of interactions.

e-Commerce Application Development: US Mobile Shopping Statistics describes it well:

  • 77% of Americans own smartphones (as of 2018);
  • 79 percent of people made at least one purchase using their smartphone within the last six months;
  • 80 percent are looking for information about future purchases through a smartphone — they compare prices, study the characteristics of desired items.

And all these indicators show positive dynamics. It is worth noting that stores with apps sell more than stores without them. In the USA e-Commerce revenue already accounts for 10 percent of all industry revenue. Now it is the perfect time to consider building an e-commerce application for your business.

E-commerce app development statistics

e-Commerce Application Development for Business

  1. App  communication with the consumer without an intermediary. Notifications of discounts and special offers can be sent directly, without using newsletters or SMS marketing.
  2. The sheer scale of information which allows the analysis of user data, the creation of personalized offers that increase the frequency of purchases. 
  3. Increase sales. The income of stores with the branded application is higher than the income of those stores that do not have their own. Since they have direct contact with the customer and consequently they increase the substitution barrier using bonus programs which layout during e-commerce mobile app design & development.

E-Commerce Application Development: Why it is good for your business

Cost of e-Commerce App Development

Price determinators 

  1. Platform support. The cross-platform application will help save e-Commerce app development cost, but this is not a panacea — it is better to make two versions, separately for iOS and Android using native technologies.
  2. Application Integrations — the higher the number of integrations the more difficult the app is.
  3. The number of screens is the basic metric for calculating the cost of any app. The more of them, the higher the price of the e-Commerce development services application. Each individual design must first be sketched, and then implemented. 

You can find out more about the cost to make an e-Commerce application by contacting our manager. Tell us about your business and we will offer our vision in regards to your branded mobile e-Commerce app.

AR Application Development for the Online Store

In the case of e-Commerce, Augmented Reality is a groundbreaking marketing tool. Using the latest technologies you can showcase your product to a user and he can virtually apply it to the real world.

The cost of e-commerce app development

e-Commerce Platform Development: Steps

  1. The preparatory process — briefing, technical specification creation. Discussion of the project with the team, research, creation of the web app layout.
  2. Approval of the layout, design, and approval.
  3. Development of front-end and back-end of the site.
  4. Loading content. At this stage, there may be small changes in the layout.
  5. Testing the site, fixing bugs. It is important to carry out after filling the content, otherwise, you will have to test again. Content can be provided by the customer, this reduces the cost of the project.
  6. Site release and transfer of documents and rights to the customer.
  7. Two-month technical support of the site.

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e-Commerce App Development at EightDevs

  1. An effective application that will meet your requirements. At EightDevs, we understand what the client needs and make software that meets business needs. Our e-commerce apps boost are designed to boost sales.
  2. Constant communication with customers and the flood of recurring purchases. The application helps to establish a pipeline of orders from regular customers.
  3. A tool for collecting user statistics - the ability to implement DATA marketing in a business.

You can order the application for the online store in EightDevs studio. Our team will help create a user-friendly application that will boost your sales.