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Dating App Development: Tips and Process

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-12-11 13:59:43

The days when you meet someone in parks, cafes or shopping centers are gone. The world has never been as connected as it is now. It is the Internet that connects people when they are discouraged by their time and dynamic life. In the world of gadgets, you don't have+

to look for pubs or libraries for your soul mate, even for short-term relationships. Many websites and apps are responsible for ensuring that similar people are based on similarity, compatibility and mutual compassion. Dating apps are characterized by precise and innovative algorithms. I suppose it's time to learn the ropes.

Creating dating apps can be profitable and be a good option for people looking for a soul mate. In this article, you will learn how to create a dating app.

Case Study: EightDevs's project — dating app Grift

How to Built a Dating App

Follow these steps for advice on how to create a dating app:

  • Step 1. Study the principle of the dating app
  • Step 2. Analyze key benefits before creating a dating app
  • Step 3. Create a dating app structure and design
  • Step 4. Use the appropriate technology stack to create a dating app
  • Step 5. Add MVP features to your dating app
  • Step 6. Select the monetization route

The Principle of Functionality of a Dating App

Dating applications are part of the 'family' of social applications, which is why the special emphasis is usually placed on supporting interpersonal interaction and meeting specific user needs. Undoubtedly, there are no two identical dating apps: Every existing application (Tinder, OkCupid, Pure, eHarmony, to name a few) has many specific functions and concepts that ensure the desired result. Nevertheless, we can fix a few things you can't pass on if you want to create a dating app.

First Steps with Dating Apps Development

The first interaction with the application is as important as the first date. Therefore, it is always a good idea to familiarize the user with the functions of the application. Existing dating applications 5do not neglect the power of first impressions. You should not. Something like a sliding tutorial makes the user fall in love with your application at a glance.

Attraction Technology: Matching Algorithms

Okay, after they have provided valuable information about themselves, users of dating apps are ready to go and do what they should to find Mr. or Mrs. The first step in this rather delicate process is user mapping. Dating applications can use different matching techniques to bring partners who like each other closer together. Let's examine some of them.

Location Awareness

It's always nice to meet new friends in your area to increase your chances of success. It is more likely that you will ever live happily with someone in your city than on another continent. Not surprisingly, dating applications usually use GPS components in their matching algorithms. After suggesting a list of nearby users and short information about them, you can use the app to decide who you like and start communication.

Mathematical Basishhfc

Another widely used technology is the mathematical algorithm that connects people by finding similarities in the responses to the proposed questionnaire. Such algorithms are usually based on the percentage of match answers given for each question individually or for all questions together. Some dating apps, such as OkCupid, more comprehensively determine the degree of compliance, taking into account not only your answers but also how someone else should answer and how important this question is.

Behavior-based Matching

Question-based compatibility seems to be sufficient to give users an indication of who suits them best. The reality is, however, that people often give inaccurate information about themselves. This can happen by accident or someone may intentionally hide some things. This leads to incompatible matches.

However, there is a solution. Behavior-based matching algorithms are more complex than mathematical and location-based matching because they work with data from external sources (accounts, profiles, groups they visit, playlists, etc.). Generating and analyzing large amounts of data requires considerable resources. The approach to analyzing big data helps increase the chances of proper matching.

Advanced Matching Methods

Dating platforms are becoming more intelligent. Much smarter. They use new technological advances to improve the user experience and ensure a better fit. Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), VR and AR influence dating applications. In fact, you can apply special machine learning technology to your dating apps that support Netflix and Amazon personalized recommendations.

The data available on social networks and other media are thoroughly analyzed, layered and structured, which not only allows for smooth matching, but also for predictions. Face recognition, GPS and biological data supported by AI will improve the matching algorithms and connect people in a whole new way.

So it's time to mention some of the benefits to understand how beneficial dating applications can be and why people need them. It will help you understand how to create a dating application.

Beneficiation of Dating Apps Development

Given the general popularity of dating applications, it is better to mention the 5 main benefits that will drive and popularize such applications.

Fast and efficient. Applications offer users greater freedom and constant accessibility than websites. Dating applications give users quick access to their accounts, for example on the go. With the help of the dating application, users can easily find their soul mate, wherever they are. Life becomes more flexible, people can build relationships on the go.

Good for busy people and introverts. Some people literally live at work. They want to build new relationships, want to love and be loved, but they just don't have time to visit different places to meet someone. This is where the dating app appears. It helps such people always find time to meet interesting people. The same applies to introverts — people who do not have good communication skills. The application can help them fight this personal error and find a good partner for a conversation.

Find a soul mate nearby. Most dating applications provide users with a geolocation feature that helps them find people nearby. This means that the user not only meets someone, but a new friend can live within 1 km of him. It's really impressive.

No unwanted calls. No one will be able to attack the user with a large number of letters if the user does not want to. In most dating applications, you can usually only chat if users set their preferences. This means that if you like pictures of a man/woman, they must like you. So you have compassion and you have to go on.

Variety of options. Online dating means you can meet someone you didn't even expect to meet in real life. People from different professions from different regions register in the dating app and everyone has a large selection of potential soul mates on this site. So that the user can find out who he was waiting for.

Building Dating App Structure and Design

After presenting the most important benefits, we can go directly to the programming process and start creating the structure of the dating app. Let's see how it works

Choose a Catchy Name for App

The right word, in this case, is the password. Users must remember the name of your service. It should be short and associated so that users can hear and remember it once and for all. A whispered message also works here because users share the name of their app with friends.

Specify Target Audiences

For what age group of users you're creating the app? Of course, you can create a general dating application that meets the needs of both young people and the older generation. Ok, what makes your application different? It will be similar to other counterparts and you won't win anything. Therefore, a better solution would be to create an app for a specific group of recipients, region, etc. Your application stands out from the crowd and is successful.

Create a Great Dating App UI/UX Design

The application interface should also be unforgettable so that users feel good when using it. Stick to a simple rule — create a simple and intuitive design. Users want to work with a transparent user interface that is not extremely unique and not confusing. When it comes to the user interface, bright colors and clear buttons are certainly well received by users. Do not complicate — and you will succeed!

Get Involved in the Marketing Plan

In addition to good design and relevant audiences, you should not ignore brand advertising and increase your customer base when creating your own dating app. Therefore, you should create a marketing plan and think about each step to increase customer loyalty and attract more people to your app. The marketing plan plays a very important role in brand advertising and should be competent.

So if you decide to use the dating application for Android or iOS, these 4 simple steps will help you create a forest of dating application and promote it wisely.

Technology Stack for Dating Applications

To create a dating application, you should familiarize yourself with key tools that EightDevs specialists can use to create a dating application. However, our developers can use different tools, all depending on their specific needs.

Dating App Development Tools

Dating App Development Tools

As mentioned earlier, the toolkit can be extended and changed according to the customer's personal requirements.

MVP for a Dating Application

Although you want your future dating application to be a unique product that doesn't look like an existing app, you'll want to include many features to create a working application. Therefore, consider the following features to learn how to create a dating app.

Social Login

Long registration processes already seem to be a prehistoric fact that cannot survive today. That is why the login function is a must. Register users using your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account and start looking for your soul mate. In addition, social login offers users the option of sharing their services on social media.

User Profile

Each user should have their own profile that indicates their interests and hobbies. As a rule, all important information is downloaded from social networks so that users do not have to spend time with them. Users can read profiles among themselves to better understand what a person likes or dislikes.


With this feature, people can choose the region where they want to find their soul mate, and even choose places nearby. It is unlikely that users from different parts of the country will ever meet, so this feature must be included in your application.


Modern technology allows programmers to integrate algorithms based on artificial intelligence to enable smarter matches, including all interests, location, age, etc. Finding the perfect soul mate will be more convenient and flexible, allowing users to quickly identify potential candidates they would like to meet.


How can you communicate with each other without a chat system? If users match, they can start talking and get to know each other better. In addition, you can add optional stickers and GIFs to make your messages more vivid.


Users see important reminders from the application as well as match notifications when they are not in the application. Thanks to this, users do not waste time and can talk to a potential soul mate.


If you're creating a far-sighted dating app on a traditional matching model, you'll need to swipe your finger. When browsing women's / men's photos, dragging to the right means you like the person. Moving to the left means skipping this photo. Everything is easy.


Settings include key features such as selecting by category, turning sound on and off, adjusting various filters, etc.

Administration Panel

You should have your own personal administration panel that you can access via a shared computer. You can block users, solve any serious problems that occur and take full control.

Dating App Development Estimating Price

Of course, you probably want to know how much money you need to develop a dating application. Everything about the price is highlighted in this section.

As for the type of platform, there is almost no difference in the cost of applications for iOS and Android. First, we'll show you the time it takes to develop each basic platform function (iOS or Android).

  • Social registration — 15-26 hours (min. Max.)
  • User profile — 45-67 hours
  • Geolocation — 5-10 hours
  • Matching — 70-90 hours
  • Chat — 131-189 hours
  • Push notifications — 13-20 hours
  • Claws — 11-14 hours
  • Settings — 20-29 hours
  • Administrative panel — 20-36 hours

Considering the average hourly rate of USD 50, we can estimate the minimum cost of developing a dating application for one platform at USD 16,500 and the maximum cost at USD 24,050 or more. However, this is an approximate value for the development of dating applications because programming time always includes meetings, DevOps, product releases and other services. In addition, this quote contains only basic functions.* Therefore, we can prepare a final and detailed quote upon request, providing a full description of your requirements.

How do Dating Applications Earn Money?

We have talked several times that your application is not paid for generating revenue. Experienced application developers can use many popular monetization methods.

Premium applications. Most dating applications offer free services to everyone, but some also use the premium version. So you should think about this option to get a good profit.

The premium application offers additional features such as:

  • Load an account. Users can pay a fixed fee and become the first user on the search list for a limited time. Everything is fine;
  • Intelligent swipe. Integrated machine learning algorithms change the way users view images. The order of photos may change depending on the interests of the user viewing them. The candidate has a better chance;
  • Unlimited cleaning on the right. In the free application, the number of daily cuts can be limited so that users can use the premium application, which will give them an unlimited number of cuts.
  • ad-free apps. Premium applications are ad-free and users will not see advertising content that may irritate them.

Gifts. This application for those who are looking for love — users should be able to send each other gifts such as flowers, kisses, greetings, etc. This feature can be offered for a fixed fee.

Advertisement. Type of monetization for 90% of the application. Attach different ads to your app, but don't overfill the app with an ad otherwise, users will stop using the app and look for another equivalent.

Of course, today there are many dating applications that will satisfy every taste, but people's imagination is limitless, and we have a great field to create innovations that can be a breakthrough in the online love business

Armed with the above elements, you can compete with your product and create a high-quality dating application. Let us help you create a dating application that outshines the current flagship. Contact us for a free quote!