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Custom Software Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-08 17:32:00

Custom software solves the problems of business and management of enterprises. With it, you can simplify the work with documentation, management, logistics and you can track the implementation of work/obligations. Using algorithms and data analysis, you can simplify the supply chain or reduce the number of task performers, optimize resources, etc.

EightDevs case: Custom LMS System

EightDevs: Custom Software

Custom Business Software Development: Types of Solutions

  • In-house web applications for businesses;
  • Resource management — an ecosystem for a specific enterprise, work environment;
  • Electronic document management within the company;
  • Data Streaming;
  • Electronic payment systems — billing;
  • Analytics and Big Data;
  • Many more.

Which Customized Solutions Can Help Your Company?

  • CRM, LMS and ERP systems;
  • Collaboration soft;
  • Integration of payment systems or custom solution creation;
  • Smart enterprise — the implementation of AI in everyday tasks to optimize performance;
  • Operating system integration and ecosystem creation.

Your task type is not listed? Book a call with our manager and tell about your project. We"ll create custom software for your business.

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Custom Business Software Development: Types of Solutions

Custom Software Development Costs

The price of operating system development depends on several factors:

  • The complexity of the task — unique projects cost more than standard ones;
  • The need to purchase additional licenses often speeds up custom operating system development but increases the price;
  • Ecosystem need — if a project consists of several related products, it may be more expensive to set up.

You can get a free estimate of your project now. Fill out the brief and EightDevs manager will outline an approximate budget.

Software development process

Custom Software Development Process

  1. Creation of a vision for an effective operating system which solves the pains of the customer. We develop a software concept and principles of its work. 
  2.  Analysis of the current operating system used by the company and the study of similar programs (if any). The choice of development technologies. Creation of technical documentation. 
  3.  Engineering and design.
  4.  Front-end and back-end programming, debugging mechanisms. Configure API Integration.
  5.  Load and functional testing of software and revisions based on its results.
  6.  Release and transfer to the clients' servers.
  7.  Receiving feedback and improving the system.
  8.  The next step is to work on a new version based on the feedback received from the long term testing.

This is a general scheme, it generally changes, as each project is custom-made. Depending on the task, the number of steps may increase. Software development services imply that the service has to be built around the wishes of the client.

Creating Custom Software

Custom Software | EightDevs Software Development company

People choose us because of:

  1. Experience. Our team has more than 5 years of experience in development, we've created numerous IT software solutions for business which allowed us to build amazingly synergistic teams of eight which are ready to take on any challenge.
  2. Expertise in design. Our team of UI / UX designers can make interfaces that simplify the work.
  3. Security. EightDevs specializes in security and data storage.

If you work with us, you get a quality product that will simplify the work and management of your business. Contact us by filling out a form under the quote section, alternatively book a call with our experts.