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Custom LMS Development: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-04-15 17:23:00

I've heard a lot about Learning Management Systems lately. This is mainly because it is the backbone of e-learning. As with everything in the world of eLearning, it is the first impression. The student comes to destroy the portal once and for all.

While the e-learning industry is taking everyone by storm and experiencing rapid growth, there are design and development challenges, none of which can be summarized by the entire effort. In general, people tend to confuse LMS with something else and confuse it with what they make of it.

Custom LMS Development Mistake: Lack Of Responsive Design

We will see how new models and new technologies and designs emerge. So let us drop the "e" and at least give it a new and broader definition. This is a generation on the move all the time. Therefore, LMS also has to adapt to this lifestyle. PC, there may be a huge lack of motivation.

With a responsive design, the LMS must offer viewers a continuous experience. They behave like 24/7 access to resources on all devices. With responsive websites that automatically adjust the page layout to r.t devices, students don't have to constantly scroll and zoom to view content, and can explore the course on their own, increasing viewer satisfaction and lowering dropout rates.

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Common Mistake: Not Defining Objectives And Requirements

The most devastating mistake you can make is not sharing elements of your plan and goals with your development team. The more you do that, the greater your risk of failure. Don't immerse yourself in eLearning software development without fully going through your goals and objectives. In most cases, the greatest risk of not being able to present a solid plan to your developers is not knowing the exact needs of your learners. It is important to first carry out thorough research on the functionality that is essential for learners and then use it as a roadmap for developing your e-learning platform.

Custom LMS Development Mistake: You’Re Portal Is Too Complicated

The LMS must not be too complicated for the learner. Do not force them to think more than is necessary. Ask a person who is not tech-savvy. LMS in the first place, especially if they are not familiar with the language. At the same time, make sure that your infrastructure can handle any changes or additions you want to implement in the future. A fresh, smooth, concise and visually pleasing user interface, which is easy to use without having an extensive learning curve, integrates learners better and ultimately boosts your conversion rate. Navigation should always be clear and self-explanatory. If learners have to spend more time figuring out the system, they lose interest.

Common Mistake: Too Much Information In Cluttered Modules

The same applies to eLearning portals. Too much information is distracting. The wealth of information in a short space of time makes it difficult for the brain to keep up. Avoid an extremely long content theme and create several smaller units per the theme. This means that videos, slides, images, and diagrams are not in a single unit. A module crammed with images and slides distracts the student's attention from the object. Don't blur it all, it just leads to too much distraction. Unzip the main points at the end of the unit. Suggest the main points of need-to-know the information. This will help learners to concentrate and improve information retention. By shortening the human attention span, you also shorten the content.

Custom LMS Development Mistake: Lack Of Evaluation And Assessment Tools

Learning is an interactive process and learners need regular assessments to make progress. Any test a student will eventually try must be added manually. There should be a continuous feedback loop between students and teachers. Provide backend administrators with a flexible and interactive module in which they can select random questions from the question pool and combine different question types into an exam set. Keep the sorting system automated and adaptable. The self-assessment test should provide learners with an opportunity to pinpoint areas of improvement based on the subject matter and skills. Follow the deadlines for the test. Eliminate the need for a learner to try a test at a given time. The correct assessment of the modules also helps to determine whether the online training results are successful or need to be improved. If they are successful, they should be judged and re-evaluated.

Common Mistake: Offline Learning

What happens if a student wants to learn if there is no continuous internet connection and he has to travel? LMS must behave like a precaution for offline course access. Allow students to download the course materials whenever network connections are available, and then conduct self-determined offline learning as they see fit. Make sure that if the network connection is broken when the user returns, you can continue where he left off.

Custom LMS Development Mistake: No Room To Scale

Remember that over time, your LMS will have to adapt to the changing needs of your training program. Choose an L MSM for the future, not just today. The development of LMS must be about scalability. Businesses tend to start small and grow as users grow. The platform should be developed taking into account the fact that it will eventually have to become large. There is no doubt that the development of an LMS is not a cheap matter. It should come as no surprise that a system that can adapt to the growing needs of your business will ultimately be the most important component of your organization's growth. Therefore, your development strategy should have a seamless upgrade path to scale from 100 users to a few million without disturbing your existing users. Even if your preferred platform works perfectly for over 100 users, it will be a disaster if 10,000 of them try to sign up worldwide.

Custom LMS Development with EightDevs Studio

With the advent of new technologies, dynamic and interactive learning methods are becoming increasingly popular. For a generation that feels that learning in the classroom is too limited, eLearning has opened up a parallel world of opportunity. At EightDevs, our vast expertise and experience in this field can help you achieve your goals with the utmost precision and avoid common pitfalls. The development of an education and training portal from the ground up requires proper planning, and we take due account of this.

Since we are quite experienced in this area, we hope to be able to give you some hints to optimize your roadmap in order to avoid some of the most important eLearning mistakes. Even if you are relatively new to the world of online education, you can keep a few best practices in mind to avoid common disadvantages in your development.

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