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Custom Mobile App Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-11-18 16:01:00

The mobile app market is developing dynamically, and companies are increasingly turning this opportunity to become part of a marketing strategy. Applications are created both for internal use and for working with the target audience and customers of the brand. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to order custom software application development. Depending on the purpose, the functionality differs, but the targets are always the same: a stable program with an intuitive design and native functionality.

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Custom App Development Services for Business

  1. Simplification of communication within the team. Especially relevant for companies where employees do not work at computers and should be able to be synergistic on the go.
  2. Marketing. Collect information and build personalized mailings that increase sales is much easier if the data comes from an application install. If the client (target audience) finds value in the app, he is much more likely to convert.
  3. Work with existing customers, which are the key to a stable income of the company. The app helps to stay in touch with your target audience, providing direct access without intermediaries.

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Custom mobile application development

The Cost of Developing an Application Depends on:

  • Design — unique design with custom illustrations will be more pricey;
  • Project complexity. The number of screens that will need to be drawn and implemented;
  • The number of integrations — internal payments, data export to social networks, online user interaction — all this increases development time;
  • Compressed deadlines, which implies the attraction of more specialists to the development.

You can estimate the price of your application project by filling out a short brief by EightDevs mobile development studio.

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Creating a Custom Application: EightDevs's Process

  1. Discussion of ideas and business tasks laid out for the software. This is a vital part of determining custom app development cost.>>>>
  2. UX part. We study direct competitors and user behavior. Prototyping a mobile application. At this stage, the app logic is created and the user's journey is thought through.
  3. Prototype approval
  4. We create technical specifications for the functionality and the rest of the documentation to initiate development.
  5. The design is approved with the client.
  6. Application development on iOS and Android. We create the user and server part of the program.
  7. Testing. It is carried out on different software versions and devices.
  8. App release. In parallel with the release, we are preparing related documentation.
  9. Promotion of the custom mobile application on the AppStore and PlayMarket. Preparation for promotion begins during development, we can also connect external advertising methods so that the launch is accompanied by data.
  10. Tech support. 2 months are included in the service package, then we can take the app support on us, or transfer it to your specialists.

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Developed a Personalized Custom Mobile App

EightDevs Studio Has:

  1. Experience in creating apps. Our portfolio includes applications for various business fields that solve customer problems and have a positive audience rating. You can see cases of our work — under the projects section on our website
  2. We create ecosystems and make apps part of the company's software, injecting it into the marketing process (or operational, depending on the type of application).
  3. Our service is always built around our beloved customers. We do not create software which is not going to be used. It is an integral part of our company culture.

You can order a custom mobile application services by contacting us and telling us more about your project.

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