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Business Application Development (Corporate Mobile Apps)

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2019-03-15 15:29:00

Business Applications are a group of web and mobile apps that help run a business.

These include premade and custom solutions that are developed specifically for a company to optimize internal processes, workflow, increase productivity, profitability, optimize time spent on task implementation, etc.

Business applications include corporate messengers, task trackers, project management applications, client relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERM) systems.

Development of Mobile Applications for Company

What are the Advantages?

Development of business applications can be divided into 2 broad groups:

  • applications for internal processes optimization;
  • applications that perform business tasks (communication with the consumers).

Applications for the business

Where to Use

  • tourism business (search, reservation, ticket aggregators);
  • medicine (search aggregators, and internal applications of individual private clinics);
  • auto business (renting a car, service stations);
  • restaurant business (aggregators, delivery);
  • beauty, spa, and wellness service salons (bookings, client cards);
  • delivery and e-commerce;
  • sports and other athletic activities;
  • entertainment (aggregators for event tickets, travel guides with maps and reviews);
  • other segments of the service sector.

They are mostly actual for big corporations and distribution companies: retail chains, restaurant and hotel business - sectors where business applications bring the most significant benefit. Also, corporate applications are relevant for insurance companies, the bank sector, beauty and spa salons, private medical clinics, and other niches. Understand that you can confidently order web application development from EightDevs. This is what we do for a living!

Mobile App for Business Automatization

Potential Features For customers

  • Client Card;
  • History (list of the obtained services);
  • Bonus account and custom offer based on previous statistics.

Company Business Optimization

  • General Workflow;
  • Corporate Online Data Warehouses;
  • Security Systems and Different Access Levels;
  • Target Setting and Execution Time Tracker;
  • Corporate Communication;
  • Logistics.

The application that is used not only by the company but also by the clients must demand additional investment in marketing. Promoting an application for business includes a separate expense allocation that should be included in the budget before its development.

What is the Cost of a Business Application?

Factors that impact application cost

  1. The volume of the project. The more screens (their number depends on the functionality) in the application, the higher the cost.
  2. The complexity of the application architecture for the business (what the application will do).
  3. The number of integrations with external services.
  4. Content — Unless provided by the client, this work is also included in the cost.
    It is possible to calculate the cost of the application for the business by contacting our manager. Click the feedback button on the right side of the screen and fill in the form.

Business App Development (Web, iOS, Android)

  1. Discussion of project goals, briefing the client, setting the goals, creating and approving the TT (technical task).
  2. Researching TA (target audience), analysis of the competitors and references, creation of application draft.
  3. Approving the draft, development of the business application design concept.
  4. Approving the design, shift towards client and server part development of the application.
  5. Prototype demonstration, its approval, further development of the application.
  6. Content filling of the application.
  7. Testing the application for the business.
  8. Release (web version in Play Market and App Store).
  9. Transfer of the rights and documentation of the application.
  10. Two months of free technical support.
  11. Application promotion. This is not a mandatory stage if the company has its marketing department and can manage promotion on its own.

Now clients can obtain permanent technical support from EightDev developers. The same goes for application promotion — the EightDevs marketing department has been promoting BitFreezer (crypto wallet) from the moment of its launch and provides similar services for other companies.

Mobile App Development | EightDevs Digital Agency

  1. Experience: EightDevs has been developing applications since 2015, and in this time frame, we built a talented and capable team that creates high-quality applications.
  2. Security Expertise: We specialize in data security and create highly-secure applications. These are basic requirements for digital business in the 21st century.
  3. Design: Our experience in preparing the right interface allows us to create applications that are loved by the consumers and highly beneficial for business.

You can order an application for business by clicking the button on the right side of the website. Tell us about your goals, and we will offer options to realize it.