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Artificial Intelligence Application Development

  • Xenia Liashko
  • 2020-01-08 18:01:44

We work with artificial intelligence (AI) to make your mobile application smarter.

Artificial intelligence is the new king on the throne of application development. AI applications are becoming smarter than ever before. There is no better day than today to plunge into the sea of ​​creating AI applications with us.

What is AI?

A machine that performs tasks that require human intelligence is an intelligent machine. Artificially intelligent machines can imitate the human thought process or in other words "have their own mind." Tasks that were previously thought to be impossible are now solved with more efficient and stunning solutions. From chatbots to self-propelled cars, AI advances seem to be just the tip of the iceberg. With so many AI industries, it will certainly be even better.

Which steps are better than the impressive IT giants?

The Google Personal Assistant is still being developed. He learned how to give you a hint that you should leave earlier if traffic is expected on the route you will follow next. It can think!

Apple's iPhone X has a neural engine that has entered a whole new world of artificial intelligence. It can recognize the user's face to unlock the phone and transfer the user's facial expressions to animated emoji and more.

After Lee Sedol defeated the famous Chinese grandmaster of the board game, AlphaGo Zero, created by the Google DeepMind team, can now create his own knowledge.

At EightDevs, we want to bring artificial intelligence closer than ever. Collecting mountains of scientific research, we are highly motivated to make intelligent applications and services part of your everyday life.

Artificial Intelligence and Application Development

Artificial intelligence took the lead in the race for better and more efficient technologies. McKinsey Global Institute experts conducted a study and found that the development of the artificial intelligence sector in 2016 brought $ 40 billion in investment. It has been three times the investment over the last three years.

Why does AI dominate in all technologies? Due to the variety of applications it offers. Artificial intelligence influenced not only the application development process, but also the interaction of users with technology. The idea of ​​automated machines that require little or no human effort is simply too good to be passed on. Imagine testing your application, finding bugs and fixing them yourself! Too beautiful to be true, right? The application can be optimized to adapt to various operating system updates. This is not only exciting but also reduces costs and development effort.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are part of the same concentric circle, with artificial intelligence being the furthest from the center and approaching machine learning a bit. Machine learning is essentially a data analysis to explore the world through algorithms.

In combination with AI, it generates very powerful and reliable solutions because the programmer does not teach "rigid learning". It began with image recognition in the computer world and has now gained recognition in the development of mobile applications. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are leaders in providing mobile users with more personalized functions.

Now let's see how diverse Ai can improve mobile application development and usability.

UX application improvement

UX programmers and experts rely heavily on artificial intelligence to increase audience engagement. AI helps to improve user interaction by analyzing user behavior and user behavior patterns. Various input data and user behavior patterns are analyzed to get relevant insights from designers and programmers that can be used to provide a highly user-oriented experience.

AI can also be used in appropriate contexts by chatbots to solve and solve some user problems. Chatbots often make this customer service better than so-called customer service. It is already anticipated that by 2025, most customer interactions will be served by smart bots.

The vast majority of mobile applications do not disappoint because of the lack of ideas and concepts. Mostly they fail because of a lack of user intervention. The application based on artificial intelligence offers users solid help in this area by continuous analysis of user preferences and behavioral patterns. According to this analysis, users are informed by current and relevant messages, so they can help users keep in touch with the application and tune in to it.

Increase Automation While Maintaining Human Input

There is no reason to assume that artificial intelligence will ultimately minimize the role of design and human input in analysis. Reality denies this. AI helps people make better, more informed decisions.

Designing and programming tools based on AI technology replace only tasks that can be automated and performed without the need for human intervention.

For example, for carpooling applications, automated considerations can be used to determine routes on which taxi drivers can best save fuel and minimize travel time.

Increase Your Personalized User Experience

Every application and the digital interface is now heavily dependent on personalization to keep users busy and interested in them. Users now expect a unique experience from the application, whether through the user interface, content, ease of use, availability of useful features. Thanks to AI, this personalization of user experience is now more than ever possible.

Let's take a look at some ways to personalize your application by utilizing the potential of artificial intelligence. Personalized product and content recommendations using an artificial intelligence algorithm based on user behavior, user interactions and user preferences.

Personalized user notifications and other user interactions based on user preferences and contexts can be added using artificial intelligence. Allow users to prioritize application functions based on usage frequency and availability. User-oriented design personalization based on user preferences and background.

Location and Contextualization Drive

Finally, the advantage of artificial intelligence for mobile applications is the localized and contextual user experience.

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence, which record the user's location along with several important aspects, can better understand the contexts of individual users and can properly contain user-oriented messages and recommendations.

Thanks to artificial intelligence combined with position sensors, mobile applications can offer a more contextual and localized user experience.

AI Integrations with Mobile

There is an unlimited and inexhaustible impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on application users and companies. However, these technologies have very different effects on programmers.

If an application with a valuable solution needs to meet the needs of the target group, artificial intelligence can be used, remembering an accurate picture of future results.

Let's look at three main reasons why artificial intelligence can affect the development of mobile applications.


Effort learning and error correction are a way of using artificial intelligence tools to create applications.

If the tool uses different methods to solve a single problem, the software will use the most satisfactory result and method as a reference for future use. Thanks to continuous trial and error, a solution based on artificial intelligence learns and improves over time. Effort learning and error correction are a way of using artificial intelligence tools to create applications.


The tool based on artificial intelligence learns from the human logic of users how to use a mobile application or how to do without it. By analyzing different interactions and their causes, the AI ​​tool can understand the different impulses and causes of each user activity.

Solve Problems

Based on the learning of machines and applications and the analysis of human causes of interaction, the tool based on artificial intelligence offers appropriate solutions to users' problems. Each application concept is basically a solution to one or more customer problems. AI is the most competent technology that provides flexible and proactive solutions to these problems.

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